June 24, 2012 (Audio) Venus Transit & Barak Obama

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I have documented at least seven dreams about the Venus Transit, in my paper journal, in addition to personal note entries and Words I’ve received.  Rather than create multiple postings, I will simply document them here in one blog post; each entry states:

1 Dream: I was explaining the Venus transit to someone who didn’t want to listen.  

2 Dreams: Venus Transit re: 2012-2017 (one right after the other). 

3 or 4 Dreams Venus Transit: 2012-2017; Received understanding its importance is somehow connected to Barak Obama’s presidency. I continue to pray for additional confirmation.


WORD:  500 days from now

Dream:  I was shown something that looked like a video game.  I saw Donald Duck in the water. A story played out in the game.  He came out of the water and then was “brought forth” to the land.  I don’t know if there is an actual video game like this or not.

On my electronic notepad, I recorded: “Donald; offer in Psalms.” 

Donald Duck is obviously a symbolic representation of something.  So, I looked up the meaning of the name “Donald.”  It is a Gaelic name, meaning “World Rule.”

500 days from June 24, 2012 is November 6, 2013. I wondered what position Venus would be in on that day.  I found that Venus is in Sagittarius on that day.  I looked up the ancient reference to that constellation, and it is connected to this verse in scripture:

Gen 24:16 And the damsel was very fair to look upon, a virgin, neither had any man known her: and she went down to the well, and filled her pitcher, and came up.

See:  http://philologos.org/__eb-mazzaroth/mizraim.htm#gemini

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  1. 3-6 Nov 2013 Geocentric from earth’s point of view ..heliocentric Sun’s point of view:

    That is 3 days after a eclispe http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEgoogle/SEgoogle2001/SE2013Nov03Hgoogle.html

    on the 3rd geocentric Venus is at 28′ Sag (Sun is 11′ Scorpio)
    on the 3rd Heliocentric Venus is at 0′ Aries

    on the Sixth Geocentric ( Sun is 14’44 Taurus polar opp Scorpio)
    Mercury 4″5″ gemini , venus 4’22- 5′ Aries , neptune 4’23” Pices



  2. Hi! I also have had a few ‘words’ about the Venus Transit in a ‘puzzle-type’ way. From May 21 to June 6th of this year, I felt that it was connection with the fallen angels and satan in Rev. 12. Please check out my channel LatterRain777 and my 2 videos: ‘Venus Transit’ and ‘666 Incoming: Rev. 12:9’, that talk about it.

    Also, I also heard from the LORD about ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES. What I heard was that the antichrist will do the same thing as Ephiphanes. and that he was the ‘1st’ type of antichrist.

    Thank you so much for your blog…..I am getting so many confirmations!! Praise HIS HOLY NAME!!! HE is talking to HIS servants!!! Peace and Blessings, Elizabeth!

  3. One thing to consider is that in the 42 generation spoken of in Matthew 1 there were 26 Venus transits across the face of the Sun.

    Counting from the resurrection of the Lord there have also been 26 Venus transits. The 26th being 57 days ago.

    We are in the fullness of time.

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