June 26, 2012 – WARNING: The 13th Constellation Ophiuchus

I had two visions of the 13th Constellation, Ophiuchus, otherwise known as the Serpent Conqueror.  In both visions, his foot was over the Scorpion.

This is both pointing us to Yeshua Jesus, who is the Conquerer of the Serpent, and also to the scorpions of Revelation chapter 9:10-11.

Each time I was given this vision, I also saw the date December 21, 2012.  That is because Venus (it’s true Biblical name is Bright Morning Star, symbolic of Jesus) will be in the constellation Ophiuchus at that time.  This is a huge warning for God’s people about the passages written in Revelation Chapter 9.

I also received understanding that we need to have the complete and full armor of YHVH on at all times.  As Scripture states, the abyss, the bottomless pit will be opened, Rev 9:2.   It will happen in the spiritual realm first, then manifest itself sometime in the future in the physical realm.  These demons will go after anyone who is not Sealed of God with the Holy Spirit, Rev 9:4.

Also, I understand that the “Abishags,” – the foolish virgins of the flock are at risk. This will be a spiritual battle – if they do not have the full armor of YHVH on at all times, they will fall pray to spiritual attacks. Fear, doubt, questioning their faith, etc.  It is imperative that we know and study our Bibles.  Throw away every false doctrine, we MUST endure to the end, as Jesus plainly states in Matthew 24:13.

Everytime a negative thought enters your mind, replace it with a scriptural promise of God – that is our weapon against the vices of the enemy.

The name Abishag means “blunderer” and that can be found at H49, in your Strong’s Concordance. Her story recorded in 1Kings Ch 1, 2.   Please also see this link, for a detailing of the name Abishag:  http://www.eliyah.com/cgi-bin/strongs.cgi?file=hebrewlexicon&isindex=7686


See Revelation Ch 9 for details:  http://www.allonlinebible.com/

I did a short Bible Study on the passages concerning Abishag: http://youtu.be/pdcmESdnG4s

P.S.  Download a free King James Version study Bible at www.e-sword.net – it is the same study Bible I use.

11 thoughts on “June 26, 2012 – WARNING: The 13th Constellation Ophiuchus

  1. Hi sister this is Christina. I am reading what you write here. I had to tell you that the Lord gave me a few things the otner evening. Here is what he gave me:
    The song, “Just remember I love you” by Firefall, Song, “Fields of Gold” by Sting, of course we have to as sister Penny said, spit out the seeds but take the good out, and the song,”The way I feel tonight” by Bay City Rollers, and I am actually from and was born in Bay City MI. Anyway, here is the rest:
    Oval Office
    Saw the Floor
    Real Thing?
    Also the day before we had to put down one of your kittens. It was all black except for one spot. It had a broken back.
    I had a dream then about a cat.
    There was a small striped cat, which was interesting, since the one I buried the day before was black, but it was striped, and Mark and I were out in the back yard, and this cat was hunching up and walking around the area where we buried the kitty we just put down, and Mark yelled, “CHRIS”! I looked at the cat and it was like we were both amazed at it for some reason like it had come back to life or something. We were like, WOW! How is this happening type of thing…it was just a cat, but even though it was not the one that died, but it was alive again. Wierd. Maybe it does have some singnificance. dying and coming back to life and us being amazed? I wonder what is up with the stripes? Maybe the cat started out as one thing, and then ended up raising up as something else….hhhhmmm.
    I also studied sister penny’s words she had that same morning. In fact, I could not seem to focue on mine, and I sent her a video, but you are talknig about the constellations again, and the study I was doing was talking about the Southern Constellation because it took me to the Latin word, Ara which means, Altar. Intersting. I am really getting a lot of things to study to the point I need to spend more time in the word and to really start up bible studying with all of the words again. So, the Lord is really beginning to open up more things for me now. Also, heard the song come to my mind, “God bless America” yesterday. Good to see you are adding stuff on here now. I love it. I also miss your videos though. Can you add them on here if you wanted? Just wondering. LOL
    Love you sister and miss you

    • Thank you for sharing your dream with me. The cat is interesting; remember that your roles in many of the dreams you receive are symbolic. You may have been shown something about the fallen angels, cats generally symbolically represent demons. The fact that they “came back to life” speaks of clone technology or some kind of resurrection vaccine. I saw an advertisement yesterday for a anti-aging pill. As soon as I saw the before and after photos my spirit quickened inside of me; I knew something was wrong. I looked at the emblem for the corporation who was pushing the pills; the emblem is symbolic of the number 666. So, things are most definately heating up – the hour is here. Thank you so much for commenting. P.S. Yes I can post links to my videos here, but I don’t think I can upload videos unless I upgrade to Pro, and I don’t want to do that. =)

  2. Also there is a plan for the First Earth Birthday on Dec 21,12
    Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of the leading teachers on the belief that the Earth is going to birth the new Universal Conscious Man. So that date is significant to the New Age big time. I found a lot of information in her book on Revelation as interpreted through her spirit guide. You need to have your armor to research this but it is a good read to see how the new age see revelations revealed. They also rely heavily on the media and describe it as a blood line and very, very important to them.
    Yes armor up, the battle is definitely on.

    • Thank you. Russ Dizdar has also done some work in sounding the alarm on this date. Do a youtube search for his name and also that date and you should find at least 1 interview with him. God bless!

  3. I just was given a vision at 5 in the morning. It was of a beautiful green eyed jezebel looking woman trying to seduce me, she was wearing a silk 1800’s whore’s lingerie she asked to dwell in me, but I refused and then I was immeadiately shown a constellation of a man with a serpent and the serpent was squirmy around trying to break loose. It was very intense, SO I was led to this blog. Not sure what it all means, but I have been given a lot of visions this year, more than All the other years of my life combined.

    • Praise God for giving you this powerful vision, the Lord YHVH Yeshua is entreating you about the times we are in. I have only a basic knowledge of the Constellations, but I am learning little by little what they mean. Here is a link to help you get started. http://philologos.org/__eb-mazzaroth/mizraim.htm

      Mazzaroth is YHVH Yeshua’s glory and it is the heritage of His People Israel. However, there is a duality being played out in the heavens, as the Enemy, Satan has “kidnapped” them for his own purposes, so this is the reason why Jezebel was also being showed to you. I believe what you were shown points to December 21, 2012, when the planet Venus (whose true Biblical name is the Bright Morning Star, Jesus, Rev 22:16) is in the constellation Ophiochus.

      Please see this video, with regard to the spirit of Venus: http://youtu.be/w6718NJSSkU

      And this Video with regard to the Constellations I have been shown in dreams: http://youtu.be/mBSxGXHzTxk and http://youtu.be/qH1tfYGBK5I

      And visit this website, it will really really minister to you about the Biblical interpretation of the Constellations, Bible prophesy being played out in full in the heavens above us: http://www.inthatday.net/290872/LPBZ_Part%204/LPBZ_Part%204.htm

      Pray about all of this information; if the Lord is giving you visions of the Constellations, it means He has something very powerful He wants to reveal to you. God bless you!!

  4. I had another word from Jesus this early morning. “Ophiuchus moves into Stelte”. I heard it twice. Confirmation it is the Lord, as he always works in 2’s with me. And I prayed for a positive word. Which I ascertain to mean “Vatican op stelten” which is latin for “Vatican on stilts”, or “Vatican in panic”. ANd in the vision something about Gould’s belt? And stelte is very close to stella, which means star. Maybe someone has something to add to this? Blessings!!

    • Exactly 3 months and 3 days later we see the fulfillment of His loving word. “Vatican in Panic” is realized to the world with Pope Benedict the 16th’s resignation on Feb.11th 2013. BLessings sister! I feel so blessed to being able to read your lovely visions from the Lord! ❤

      • Another word just now from our King. Feb 10th was the Chinese new year, Year of the Snake. Ophiuchus, the Vatican, Feb 11th Pope Resigns? It’s happening so fast, how awesome!

  5. I live in vancouver. It has a high pop. of chinese who worship the dragon…i realised then it was a great evil. What i was in reality was what you described-
    it wasnt a vision let me decscibe the night i was walking home knowing people of this world that we share with are never giong to be the same..what i saw was in the sky it was like a rupture thru space and time NOT OF GOD i could see it was spreading all over the planet and I felt it was lookin at me with such hatred …this evil that was coming from the eye of this was directed at people.
    People that would easily succumb to what it wants. I truly formm the botttom of my soul felt that i wwas looking at the First evil and all evil after. What bizzarily
    happened later the next day my eyes were black the tissue around my eye
    and im very close to humanity i noticed people would not look at me the evil of that night was somehow attached to me. It is an evil i do not ever want to see again it was poewerful suductive and so full of hate for god and every thing he lloved. so as the year fo the dragon came this year and into the summer pepled folllowed with the pride selfishness greeed and many other aweful things the dragon provides for its followers . MY advice is stay close to god as much as you can .the worst is yet to come beyond our worst dreams.
    that eveil was prepareing its kind of army in this wolrld . The arcghangel
    micheal has never been so present. a small note ever siince i was a child i v been told form World War 2 veterans the smae thing ! they always told me to beware the dragan and i bless them whith all my heart till i die because it is the greatest thing i could know to see thru the reaity people live in. take care.saty cloee to god.

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