July 12-22, 2012 – Series of Dreams: Coma Berenices

During this time period I received a series of dreams, I knew the Lord was trying to reveal something to me that was very important.

Within the context of the dreams I am being shown star charts, being shown the constellations – several different ones. There is something else being revealed in the heavens that people are missing, something other than the Venus pentagram/transit. Please understand that this is all very complex and overwhelming for me. I have no knowledge of astronomy, none whatsoever.

Everything I am learning or know is because the Lord is teaching me, bit by bit, night by night, dream by dream.

I am being shown the constellation Fornax over and over again. I was given dreams about a man with a wig, repeated dreams for like two weeks, night after night. This is unusual – even for someone like me, who dreams often.   Then, the Lord spoke a word to me, he said, “the constellation fornax, look for the criminal.”

When I searched the internet for anything having to do with a constellation called “criminal” I found that there is actually a constellation by this name, it is called The Constellation of Crime (Coma Berenices), it is referred to as the Constellation of Stolen Hair, and also The Wig Constellation! http://www.space.com/1136-constellation-crime.html

I just about fell off my chair, I kid you not. In the repeated dreams about the man and the wig (there was also a woman in the dreams), he was “taking care of the wig” – the mythology behind the Wig/Criminal Constellation is that a queen cut off all her hair and hid it in Zeus temple; he found it and tossed it up into the heavens. When the queen came back for her hair she found it missing and claimed someone had stolen it.

There is so much duality being played out in the heavens; on one hand we have a constellation that points to the Man of Sin, the Man of Lawlessness; and on the other hand we have the heaven’s declaring the Majesty and Glory of YHVH Yeshua (this is the true message of the heavens)…I believe that this “Stolen Hair” constellation is actually a reference to Samson…He is the only one in the Bible that I am aware of that had his hair stolen.

Our Lord Jesus is coming to tear the lions apart, to dash his enemies, and tear out their gates by His own hand, soon – we will see our King.

Until then – hold fast to what you know, that no man steals your crown!


See: IIThes Ch 2, and Jdg Ch 13-16:  http://www.allonlinebible.com/

To learn more about the Biblical Perspective on the Constellations visit:  www.inthatday.net

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