July 6, 2012 – Dream: Microchip Implant (Rated M for Mature)

In this dream, I witnessed something of the dark underworld.

A door was opened and I stepped inside.  I noted that the television was on, and also that there was music playing in the background.   I saw a woman laying on a bed being sensual.  She made offering of herself to a man.  He accepted and placed a drop of his semen on her tongue. The drop became implanted into the woman’s tongue and she tried to get it off, but it would not be wiped off.

I was shown a close up of the drop:  It looked like a small biological microchip implant that had embedded itself in the flesh. It had tendrils, like a small octopus, and it latched itself onto the skin.

She tried very hard to remove it, and it looked like taffy being stretched off of her tongue.  She did not seem to be in any pain, but she was desperate to get it off.  She was finally able to get it off of her tongue – but only after quite a bit of effort.


I had a difficult time finding a scriptural interpretation for this dream, but I believe this one may speak to it’s message:

Eze 16:15  But thou didst trust in thine own beauty, and playedst the harlot because of thy renown, and pouredst out thy fornications on every one that passed by; his it was.

P.S.  This reminds me a little bit of the face on the Mayan stone calendar.  It has a tongue sticking out of it.  There is a dot (the eye of the fish) on the tongue.

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  1. This is a symbol of what is happening to many people in the world today . . . especially pastors, preachers, teachers, etc. We really need to be more watchful than we have ever been in our lives. Deception is happening!!! God bless you my sister!

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