July 24, 2012 – Dream: The Odd Little Diddy is Warning

As I went over my recorded entries for July 24, I noted that on one of the tracks I spoke something I must have heard in a dream.  I could barely understand myself; I must have pushed the “record” button, spoken these words, and then pushed “end” and fell right back to sleep.  Here is the entry:

“I heard her excuse, say, the he’s gunna be put to magazine in about six months.”


I have no idea what this means and as I type this blog entry, I can’t help but chuckle at myself.  I’m trying so hard to document everything, even when I’m half asleep!  lol  ツ

Scriptural Reference:

Job 33:14 God speaks once, even twice, and still the hearer misses the point.
Job 33:15 “In a dream, in a vision at night, when slumber falls upon people, as they sleep in their beds,
Job 33:16 he opens people’s ears and seals the matter with a warning,
Job 33:17 to turn a person away from his action and protect a man from pride,
Job 33:18 so that he will keep himself away from the pit and from perishing by the sword.