July 27, 2012 (Audio) Dream: Wolves

2 mins

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In this dream, I was walking on a country road.  I saw the street sign; it read:  137th

Off in the distance, I saw a woman putting something in her car.  I thought maybe it was a package or a small child.  As she shut the door and moved around the back of the vehicle to go to the driver’s side door, a LARGE OVERSIZED black wolf approached her.

I heard her say, “Ssssss….Get away!”  And it walked away, staring at her…as the woman inched her way to the driver’s side door, I saw the wolf turn around again, and walk back towards her.

This time it was joined by four other LARGE OVERSIZED wolves.  I heard the woman again say, “Ssssss!!  Get away, get away!!”

When she got into the car, the wolves hadn’t yet left, they stared at her intently as she shut the door….and the dream ended.


I believe this dream has to do with the fallen angels.  The “hissing” woman, could be a reference to Freemasonry, the great whore, Mystery Babylon.

I did some looking into the number “137” and it does have alot of significance both Biblically, and as far as the occultists are concerned.

The road I traveled on was 137th Street; Scriptural Interpretation found here:

The Light of the God of Truth:  http://www.biblewheel.com/GR/GR_137.asp

Read also Ezekiel Ch 22:  http://kingjbible.com/ezekiel/22.htm

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  1. Dearest Selina, I have some constellation things to share and a couple of things that jumped out at me on some of your dreams. All too much to put into a comment box. I only have email as I don’t facebook, twitter, etc. My email is as follows lthlwmn2@att.net. God bless you for your amazing service to our Father. Love to you, Brooke

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