July 29, 2012 – Word and Dream: 333

During prayer, I received a word from the Lord; He spoke the number 333.   Shortly after, I fell asleep and had a dream; the only thing I can remember from the dream is hearing the number 333.


I did some searching for the meaning of the number 333, and I found:

333 b.c. Alexander the Great conquered Persia, and Western Asia; (Dan 8:5-8; Dan 8:20-22).

333 a.d. Flavius Julius Constans was crowned Ceasar in Constantinople;

333 is symbolic of the Hebrew word for “snow” a transitional form of water, signifying the changing of seasons;

333 is also translated as the Day of Trouble, (Psm 27:5; Jer 51:12);

333 is associated with the year 2012, and the completion of the current Mayan baktun, and the date 12/21/12, which reduces to 333.



Scriptural Interpretation:


Info found at: www.ridingthebeast.com

5 thoughts on “July 29, 2012 – Word and Dream: 333

  1. 333 is a number God showed me @ the beginning of 2011. I initially saw it 3X: The first being a succession of 3’s going across the screen of my calculator. Once on both mudflaps of a truck i was behind in NJ, and again on a building in the movie “Pretty Woman”. I then proceeded to see that number EVERYWHERE and i mean EVERYWHERE. In addition to that i was shown the number 33. Again, i saw that number everywhere and to this day i still see that number almost daily. I’d like to think that the 333 signifies that “snow” meaning for me as i have been through almost 17 years of hellish trials. I have asked God MANY times what the “333” stands for. 33, i believe, means “promise.’ God’s promises are the only thing that has kept me hanging on. Anyhoo, GOD BLESS!

  2. This was just posted on For Luke 24740 – Asked for prayer for personal revival – Part 1 Published on Aug 5, 2012 by theapostleofrev12

    his website:

    an except:
    then woke up: It was 3:33am.

    The next scene in my dream, I was carried up to a very high mountain. I looked down below, and there was a beautiful city, with a castle and lush green fields. I saw men and women and children walking in and out of the city, into the lush green fields. There was a wall on the far side of those fields and on the other side, I saw a gaping, burning hole in the ground, with smoke, and fire and people screaming out. The people on the lush side seemed to not hear the cries of those on the other side of the wall, in the pit.

    I then woke up: It was 3:33am.

    This is a true account of this dream. People better wake up!

  3. I call ‘333’ my ‘wink’ from the LORD. I see that and ’33’ all the time! Jesus was 33 when he died and HE died on April 3, 33 AD !!!! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!!!

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