July 31, 2012 – Dream: New World Order

On this day someone I know came to me for dream interpretation.  We will call the man “Tom Jones.”

In the dream, Tom was working for African and Caucasian schools.  The African schools came to him to petition the Caucasian schools for money needed for renovations.  As he was thinking about how he would help them obtain the funds they needed, someone approached him.

That person told him to look up at the heavens.  When Tom did, he found that there were trees in the heavens, many of them, and that the trees formed the faces of men.  The person told Tom that the heavens and the trees were his true heritage.  But Tom did not like that at all, Tom was bothered by the trees, in fact he felt hatred towards the trees.

In the dream, Tom decided that the best plan to help the African schools was to chop all of the trees down and sell them for money to make a profit to help both the African and Caucasian schools, but specifically the money would go to the African schools.

This was all he could remember of the dream.


As soon as he told me about the dream, a scripture came to mind, Genesis 25:34, which states that Esau despised his birthright.

The African and Caucasian schools are color symbolisms having absolutely nothing to do with Africans and Caucasians, but rather “black” and “white” – –  The plan which seems to be revealed in the dream is that the people in control of the New World Order despise their heritage and have devised destruction for the people of God, and somehow their plan includes monetary gain or profit.


The interesting thing about this is that Tom came to me about the dream, but when I tried to interpret the dream for him, he would not hear it.  He said he felt really good about being able to find a good solution to helping the “black” schools.  I am praying for Tom.

Because this was not my dream, I will not be providing a scriptural interpretation.  I simply felt it was interesting enough to note it in my diary.

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