July 23, 2012 – Dream: Several Different Bible Stories

This dream is a symbolic message about several different Bible stories:

In this dream, I was captured by a Prince. He was looking for someone to be his companion to go places with. He had a King over him, his Father, who ruled the land. I was standing in a long line of beautiful women. And the Prince went down the line, admiring all of the women. He was seeking a very special woman to accompany him, to be his companion. He was pleased with all of the women, they were very beautiful. He spoke to each one, greeting them one by one. When He addressed me, I did not look at him. I kept my head down; I was afraid. I prayed that I would be protected. When the Prince saw that I kept my head down, He rejoiced, he was so glad!

He spoke to me saying, “We are going to have many adventures together, you and I. I will show you a great many things! So get ready, get dressed!” I was taken to a tower, and there a group of people helped me get ready, they helped me get dressed and fixed my hair – it was like royalty, having people help me prepare myself. And there was a feeling of anticipation, like the Prince and I would be very close, very intimate.

I saw myself standing in front of a mirror, fixing my hair, I was looking at myself. As I did, the Prince appeared to me instead of my reflection; he looked Asian. He asked me a question, “What is your request?”

I answered, “You have captured a great many women; the transition is scary, because we do not know what to expect. If you treat the others as kindly as you have treated me, it will go well for them.” The Prince was extremely pleased with my answer because I did not make a request for myself, I made a request for others.

He took me to meet his Father, the King. And the King gave us two tickets; they were a one day pass to a place called “Regal.” I saw that the tickets were scarlet in color. Tickets in hand, the Prince took me downstairs to the Plaza; there I saw alot of activity, people bustling about…

I saw a baker; he was busy preparing his pastries. He danced about hastily, overzelous in his work.   I understood that I could choose anything I wanted; but I had a difficult time choosing…I looked around for quite a while and saw that the pastries were sloppy, and hastily put together; they were not befitting a Prince of his caliber, they were not very high quality in my opinion; the Prince deserved much better.

The baker made pastry in the shape of crucifixes with an effigy of Jesus on them. They were shown to me askew. I saw that the frosting was squeezed on with no care.

When the dream ended, I woke up realizing I had not been able to make a choice of pastry to have; none were good enough, even by my humble standards.



The beautiful women are a symbolism for the obedient Christian Church.

The baker and the sloppy pastries are an analogy for false teachers and their doctrines; the baking symbolisms point directly to the Catholic church.

The entire dream is about an inspection done by Royalty.

Additionally, I believe that all of these Bible stories may have their origins in the constellations, which are given to us for signs and seasons, Gen 1:14.

Scriptural Interpretation:

  1. Sign of Esther: Est 2:8-9
  2. Sign of the Shulamite: Song 6:8-9
  3. Sign of Jesus: Mat 27:28
  4. Sign of the Millenium: 2Pe 3:8
  5. Sign of the Chief Baker: Gen 40:16-23

Look up the scriptures here: http://www.allonlinebible.com/

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