Aug 6, 2012 – Word: Ezekiel’s Wheels

During prayer I received a word from the Lord:



(I was reminded that the Lord had asked me a question a while ago, “Ezekiel’s Wheels….do you know that they are?”  And my reply was, “No, Abba.  I don’t.”)

This time I asked the question, “What are Ezekiel’s Wheels?”  And He said:




I asked, “Will you give me a dream about Ezekiel’s Wheels?”  And He responded, “I already have. I will bring the dream back to your remembrance.”


So, at some point, I know I will have a dream, or receive dream recall about Ezekiel’s Wheels.

See: Ezekiel Chapter 1  here:

4 thoughts on “Aug 6, 2012 – Word: Ezekiel’s Wheels

  1. This is mentioned in the movie, “Knowing” with Nicholas Cage. in that movie it was referencing angelic chariots/or UFOs essentially. I indirectly know one of the scriptwriters who is a believer who felt that God gave him that script for these end times and with it,he was allowed to make money and sell it to Hollywood for a major movie. In fact a sequel has been written.

  2. sister know the truth of what ezekiel saw. they are stars two of them also 4 planets with their moons now read on two are here present time two to come as new heaven and earth the faces are telling us they have life. as you read on both old planets will pass and two new one will be created. ezekiel also speaks of two peoples of the most high two planets. i believe with this you can begin to understand.

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