Aug 16-17, 2012 – Dream/Vision: Jordan River vs Alien Rapture

Jos 4:24  That all the people of the earth might know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty: that ye might fear the LORD your God for ever.


On Aug 16, 2012, I received a dream.   In this dream I was standing at the banks of the Jordan River.  The Lord said, “It is a parable.  Sound the alarm!”  He reminded me of one of my videos entitled, “I missed the Rapture!”   And then, the dream ended.


jordan river crossing

The passages having to do with the People of God crossing the Jordan River are found in Josh 3:1 thru Josh 4:24.  This is an end times parable of “the change” what people generally call “the rapture.”

As I looked up the scriptures, the Holy Spirit said, “ENTREAT.”  The definition of “entreat” is: plead desperately: to beg somebody for something, often repeatedly; syn: plead, implore, beg, pray, beseech, ask, request.

Then I received a vision of our beautiful Savior; he was sobbing, I could hear his mournful sobs!  He said, “Utter wrath, vials of wrath poured out, set by a fire…”  This is not about true believers in Jesus, it’s about the disobedient!

He ministered to me that the people put on the coat/cloak of Jesus like they are changing clothes.  They don’t understand that He is their garment, and they need to leave him on.  He is their covering, he is not to be changed.  He is not to be replaced.  He remains on our spiritual bodies, a holy, royal, priestly garment.  Sanctified.  He’s a covering, not a light bulb – we can’t change him out!

He ministered to me that the people, and specifically new Christians, have bare feet.  They have bare feet and their toes are wiggling.  He said that is symbolic of witchcraft.  He showed me that in a dream once, a woman who was in love with a man that had no value, her toes kept wiggling.  The ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s image, iron mixed with clay – a reference to the fallen angels inhabiting corrupt bodies, an end times kingdom that YHVH Yeshua (Jesus) will crush and destroy off the face of history forever.

Nobody can give us power, we cannot survive by our own thoughts, our own ideas, our own way of understanding.  Not by might nor power but by the Spirit of the Living God alone.  Our power comes from Jesus.

On August 17, 2012, upon waking, I received a Vision:  I saw an official looking document, perhaps military, and on it, it said, “DISCLOSURE”  and   “ALIEN.”  I was shown people running from an Alien, they were on a spaceship – they were running in panic, and screaming.  They ran to a room and saw that they had been cornered, they turned around to look at the alien, and when they did – I saw the look of total terror on their faces!  During the vision, I heard a few bars of the Katy Perry song, “Alien.”  I was also shown a jacuzzi, which I believe may be a reference to improper baptism – but I’m not entirely sure, maybe it is symbolic of something else.

This has to do with “JUDGMENT” and the “BLACKNESS OF SPACE.”  (See Jud 1:13).  The terrible torment that awaits anyone who thinks that they will be “raptured” by aliens in UFO’s is unfathomable.

Look up the scriptures and ask the Father, through the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name, to reveal to you the truth about Jesus’ second coming.  Compare scripture with scripture.  The alien rapture is a lie from Satan himself – tell everyone.  I have spent hours, and days searching youtube for people who believe in this stuff, warning them and have been blocked from their channels.  There are videos about UFO’s rapturing people and they use scripture to prove their point, there are even PASTORS, YES PASTORS teaching this evil deception from the pulpits, their videos are posted on youtube as well.

Please, don’t fear the opposition, fear only the Lord our God, ENTREAT all you know.

Video entitled “I missed the Rapture!”

Look up scriptures:

4 thoughts on “Aug 16-17, 2012 – Dream/Vision: Jordan River vs Alien Rapture

  1. Thank you!! I believe the time of warning is running out. I agree! It is time to put on Christ and keep Him on!! We have played around with righteousness long enough. We have played around with our flesh long enough! We are being called into realness because its time to put up or shut up!!! God bless you my friend!!!

    • God bless you and thank you so much for sharing your wife’s dream with me. The Lord is using the message He gave her to warn others. I’m so pleased to be a part of that! =)

  2. I know this is a past dream of yours, but it is so relevant to me right now. Everytime I see a YouTube video that says there is a pre-trib rapture, it upsets me so much. I try .explaining to these people that it’s a false doctrine that will ultimately lead them astray, but it’s like I’m arguing with very, very stubborn people. I mean, I can literally show people scripture that is very clear about the timing, and they’ll find some other scripture, twist it around, and it’s very frustrating. Especially those who interpret their dreams wrongly and use it to fit their belief. The only thing I can tell them in the end is to entreat Abba, to pray for His understanding, His truth, His wisdom, His divine, but they won’t. They rely on what man says is truth and follow it stubbornly. They don’t understand, they really don’t… I didn’t in the beginning, either, I grew up believing this false doctrine. And when the Lord put it in my heart to actually ASK HIM for the TRUTH, I did… and I’ve lately been feeling very grieved about this, just talking about it, is very upsetting for me. I’m not sure how to even explain it. I just wish people would listen. So many who believe this don’t even have the holy spirit, no spirit of discernment, they won’t even know they’ve been tricked until it’s too late.

    • Believe me I know what you are feeling sister. I have been blocked from channels for pointing this out. They won’t listen to us and it frustrates us, and this is just the handful of people that we encounter in our lives. Can you imagine the depth of the frustration our Heavenly Father feels knowing the many millions of them who believe this false doctrine? It’s more than I can comprehend, that’s for sure. God bless you sister, this is the Cross we must bare, but when Jesus comes, He will set the record straight. Unfortunately, many of them will have to go through the Millenial period, where the Lord will rule them with a Rod of Iron, instead of by Grace.

      God bless you sister, just keep praying for them. I know the Lord is sending his ministering angels to them in the spiritual realm. Ultimately, it’s all in our Father’s hands.

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