Aug 18, 2012 – Word: Stoning of Stephen

For most of the day, the Holy Spirit has been saying this word to me:



After annointing myself with oil and praying on this word, I believe it is possible the Lord may be asking me to point these passages out, in order to “entreat” my brothers and sisters (and myself included of course) to prayerfully consider the possibility that persecution may come knocking that our doors…and soon.

When I looked up the word “entreat” in the King James Bible, it only shows up twice:

Jer 15:11  The LORD said, Verily it shall be well with thy remnant; verily I will cause the enemy to entreat thee well in the time of evil and in the time of affliction.

Act 7:6  And God spake on this wise, That his seed should sojourn in a strange land; and that they should bring them into bondage, and entreat them evil four hundred years.


In the Jeremiah passage, we have a prophet who is entreating YHVH, regarding the many discouragements he met with in his work, Jer 15:10. He met with a great deal of contradiction and opposition. He was a man of strife and contention to the whole land (so it might be read, rather than to the whole earth, for his business lay only in that land); both city and country quarrelled with him, and set themselves against him, and said and did all they could to thwart him. He was a peaceable man, gave no provocation to any, nor was apt to resent the provocations given him, and yet a man of strife, not a man striving, but a man striven with; he was for peace, but, when he spoke, they were for war. And, whatever they pretended, that which was the real cause of their quarrels with him was his faithfulness to God and to their souls. He showed them their sins that were working their ruin, and put them into a way to prevent that ruin, which was the greatest kindness he could do them; and yet this was it for which they were incensed against him and looked upon him as their enemy. Even the prince of peace himself was thus a man of strife, a sign spoken against, continually enduring the contradiction of sinners against himself. And the gospel of peace brings division, even to fire and sword, Mat_10:34, Mat_10:35; Luk_12:49, Luk_12:51.  (Excerpt: Matthew Henry, Commentary of the Whole Bible)

In the Acts passage, we find Stephen, who is now at the bar before the great council of the nation, indicted for blasphemy: what the witnesses swore against him we had an account of in the foregoing chapter, that he spoke blasphemous words against Moses and God; for he spoke against this holy place and the law.  The high priest calls upon him to answer for himself, Act_7:1.  He begins his defence, and it is long; but it should seem by his breaking off abruptly, just when he came to the main point (Act_7:50), that it would have been much longer if his enemies would have given him leave to say all he had to say. In this discourse he appears to be a man ready and mighty in the scriptures, and thereby thoroughly furnished for every good word and work. He can relate scripture stories, and such as were very pertinent to his purpose, off-hand without looking in his Bible. He was filled with the Holy Ghost.  (Excerpt: Matthew Henry, Commentary of the Whole Bible)


A week or two ago, I posted a word I received from the Lord:


Memorize Scripture

If we follow the “Day for a Year” Principle (Eze 4:5,6), it could very well be that persecution may coming knocking at our doors very soon.  Please take this word and the scriptures to prayer.

Study Steven’s example – please do not assume that you will be raptured before this happens.  Spirit filled Christians are being hacked to death and slaughtered in Nigeria, and someone sent me a report a few hours ago that Christians in Egypt are being crucified!  Even if we never see persecution come knocking at our personal door, we are still commanded to have our feet shod and prepared to give an account of the Gospel of Salvation, Eph 6:15.

I am entreating my brothers and sisters, whoever is reading this, give your 100% to Jesus.  Turn off the TV and your computers and use that time to study and memorize scripture – it is our weapon against the temptation to deny Jesus when facing even the most severe persecution.

Dedicate time each day to study God’s Word.

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6 thoughts on “Aug 18, 2012 – Word: Stoning of Stephen

  1. THANK YOU for your obedience, wisdom, sharing and guidance ! Great info // May you be blessed by the HOLY TRINITY sister! mwa

  2. Electsister777 Thank you so much for sharing this very serious message with us. Daily my prayer is for discernment, courage, wisdom and greater Love of God. You and InformedTexasVoter on youtube are such Godly wise women. In March I felt strongly compelled to close my google accounts (because of the great invasion of privacy and spying on account holders). I still do view my favorite you tube videos and so often wanted to tell you and ITV how grateful my heart is to have found you both, and now at least with this wonderful blog can entreat you! Love & Prayers Carmen

  3. The saints are being killed in many countries. Nigeria, China, India, and I didn’t know about Egypt. . . . . . There are other people who are bringing up the point of persecution and death coming to our country. No one wants to hear it but it definitely needs to be said. Thank you. Stay strong!!

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