Aug 23, 2012 (Audio) Update on My Personal Journey

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Sorry for the delay in blogging, presently the Lord is ministering to me in dreams about myself and my walk with Jesus and the things I need to learn. He is firming up the foundation I have in Him, in preparation for a dream I am to receive in which He has entitled “A Bed of Thorns.” This dream will be about the coming Wrath of God spoken of in the Book of Revelation.  (See: )

So, in preparation for this dream He has revealed to me the second serpent bite briefly mentioned in a previous posting (See: ); this serpent bite is something that was taught to me as a child, that our Savior is a cruel taskmaster, bent on striking us with lightening if we get out of line.

What He brought back to my remembrance was something I had long forgotten and put out of my mind. It was a severe punishment I received as a small child, I couldn’t have been older than 8 or 9 years old. Mind you, I was entirely too terrified to step out of line in my home; my father was a stern and severe disciplinarian, even cruel at times. He told me that Jesus would fill me with worms that would eat me from the inside out, and that I would be punished like Nebuchadnezzar, living wild in the woods, howling at the moon like a crazy person, for being a disobedient child. And I believed him. Belief in false teaching equals spiritual serpent bite. It festers and can be seen in the spiritual realm on our spiritual bodies.

The Lord is currently healing my emotional wounds, long kept hidden in the recesses of my mind from the things I endured as a child, and how those teachings truly hurt my walk with the Lord. As close as I am with our Father – once the wound is healed, my walk with Him will be even closer. And I want that so very much, so very, very, much.

The past few days Abba has been ministering to me His tremendous, boundless mercy and tenderness. Oh how I wish I could relay the tenderness He expresses to me in dreams. Do you know the tenderness a father and mother have for their newborn infant, maybe only minutes or hours old? How softly they hold the child, how gently, tenderly, sweetly they place that new infant in it’s bassinet? The tenderness expressed by the Lord FAR SURPASSES that! It is not humanly possible to achieve the kind of tenderness, gentleness, and compassion that our Lord has expressed to me in dreams – NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE. His compassion knows no boundary.

Job 41:22 In his neck remaineth strength, and sorrow is turned into joy before him.

I wake up in the morning crying tears of joy, the scripture that says that our Lord turns our sorrow into joy has been fulfilled in my life in these past few days. Great is His loving and merciful kindness to all who are willing to receive Him and believe in His Son Jesus! Great is our King, and His mercies endure forever!

He has also been ministering to me about the grace and beauty of King Solomon’s Temple, and how our bodies are living creations of that Temple. Also, He has ministered to me three very important things:

1. The Mazzaroth is YHVH Yeshua’s Glory

2. Ophiochus is symbolic of the Serpent Conqueror (Not the Serpent Man or the Serpent Handler)

3. Casseopia is symbolic of the Enthroned Daughter of YHVH, not Freemasonry

While the duality is there, and yes – for the purposes of understanding the symbolisms we must acknowledge that the Enemy is using the Mazzaroth for his purposes too – but ULTIMATELY the Story of the Mazzaroth belongs to our Heavenly Father and the story being told within its symbolisms belongs solely to YHVH Yeshua, and to Him be all the Glory forever and ever, Amen.

I hope to diary soon. I love you tremendously in Jesus’ Love.

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    • Hello Laura! Funny, I was just thinking about you yesterday, I had saved your last voice mail to me and I was going over my voice mails and listened to yours again. I hope all is going well with you. God bless you always! Thanks for stopping by my blog. =)

  1. Overcoming false teachings/perceptions we’ve grown up with…are the most difficult. I was born into Religious Reich family. I still have a hard time grasping their concept of Conscience!!!!

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