Apr 1, 2012 – Inspection, Dream Covenant

I had two very profound dreams on April 1, 2012, that I haven’t yet shared because they are personal to me.  I don’t want to share the more personal dreams, because I am a private person, and the personal dreams are just for me.  But, for the purposes of bringing a more complete picture to my Online Dream Diary, I need to open up about a few of the private dreams so that the reader can more readily understand why I take my dreams so seriously.

In the first dream, I was a little lamb, and I was surrounded by other lambs.  The Lord was inspecting all of the lambs and I waited my turn.  I noticed there were alot of people, alot of activity, I didn’t fully understand all that I saw, but I did understand one thing:  I was about to be inspected by the Lord.

He picked me up and looked me over, from head to foot, top to bottom, inspecting everything about me.  I heard Him say:



And I saw that He was closely guarding all of the lambs that passed inspection, including me.

In the second dream, the Lord came to me saying, “I want to enter into a Dream Covenant with you.”  My response was, “I accept.”  I was given the understanding that He would reveal the purpose of the Dream Covenant over time.  Two words were given to me after waking from the dream:  “Appointed” and “Divine Promotion.”


As time goes on, little by little, dream by dream, from prayer to prayer, I understand more what the Dream Covenant is about…and I know there is still more to learn about it; the reason for that is, to be perfectly honest, the way my brain works – I need alot of time to reflect on the things I am given.

This is part of the reason why I don’t generally share the dreams I have immediately – it’s because I need time to process the information.  I need time to think about what I have been shown, and to calm down from the powerful emotions I feel in the dreams.

To put it even more bluntly, I’m a slow, methodical learner – I require alot of private personal time to reflect and think. And also, I wait for the leading of the Holy Spirit to let me know when the time is right to share.  I don’t rush, I don’t think it’s right to rush.

I’m still unclear why the Lord put it in such formal terms:  Dream Covenant – that sounds so official.  But that is what He named the dreams He is giving me…and this is why I take them so seriously.

4 thoughts on “Apr 1, 2012 – Inspection, Dream Covenant

  1. Praise God, I believe this happened during the week of Passover, when YAHWEH said He would be episcoping His Bride. You can check out this website for a confirmation of this dream:www.yhwh-glory-end-time-ministry.be
    All glory to the Almighty God. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I encouraging you to keep on dreaming and to have someone you trust to bounce your dreams off of. I have had and continue to have many dreams, visions, and words. Keep a journal if you do not already do so. It will serve as a reminder when you need it most. I too have dreams that I have kept private as I have taken a page from the life of Joseph and what happened to him when he shared his dream with his brothers.

    • Thank you brothers. Yes I keep journals, and I also record them on an audio device too. It’s an amazing journey these dreams, I am so glad to meet other dreamers. Our Lord is so wonderful, all praise and thanks to Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah. Blessings, Selina

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