Aug 2, 2012 – Dream: Torn in Two, FEMA Camps

In order to understand this dream the reader will have to read “Strange Occurance, Blood Covenant” first: ) Please visit that post first, then read this one.


In this dream, I was given a directive:

I was told to cut my clothing in half (from top to bottom directly in the middle) and walk around wearing them that way.

I complained saying, “But the people will see me, they will think I’m strange!”   I also asked, “Why do I have to do this?”

Then, I was shown a woman in a bathroom stall.  She was being watched by a overbearing prison guard.  When the woman reached for toilet paper to clean herself, instead she grabbed a shower cap and wiped with it.

In this second part of the dream, I felt absolutely no emotion whatsoever.


My basic understanding at this present time is that, the first part of the dream speaks of “Division” for the people.  A separating of the sheep from the goats.

The second part of the dream speaks to what I believe was a symbolic representation of the Holocaust.  The urinating woman is symbolic of a sinful nation; the prison guard symbolic of “captivity” and the shower cap being symbolic of the “showers” of the German Nazi camps.


Update June 29, 2013: This directive has to do with my Covering, and the Covering of God’s people. The ones who are living in Apostacy will have to suffer the consequences.

There is a dear brother who made a video about the things the prophets of old were told to do as part of their prophetic ministry.  I am including his video in my blog: