Aug 29, 2012 – (Audio) Word for Jacob Continued

Prior to receiving this word, I had a dream with regard to the choice God is placing before His people Jacob, See Part 1:


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Then, the Lord spoke again saying:

“The demonic period has come into the world, what are you going to do?  Who will you choose?  Which direction shall you travel?  The stargate is opening.  Come to me, my people, I will give you rest!  Witness of God, do not agree with anything they say!  Your Bibles are unused, you are steeped in the occult, you do not run away from it.  I am a Fire and the Fiery Day is at hand!  Yeshua!  That means “Yeshua,” – can you not understand?  Turn to me, I have provided my Son!”


I could really sense the Lord pleading His heart out for His people.  He so desperately wants us to turn to Him and Him alone.  Instead of watching youtube video after youtube video, day after day, night after night, break that cycle, teach yourselves to spend more and more time with the Lord.

A sister in Christ contacted me recently and told me she cleared out a space in her laundry room, bought a small desk and chair and is now spending all of her quiet time in prayer and in study.  When she showed me a photo of her Study Area, I almost burst out in tears, I was so blessed by that.  I know the Lord is pleased with her efforts too.

Please, listen – because I have yet more things to share with you, things I have been shown – the spiritual devastation is on it’s way and it is quite frightening, and there is nothing that can stop it.  The Lord has made up his mind, He made it up thousands of years ago.

Read the Book of Amos and you’ll see – it’s all written there.  Download an easier version of Scripture to read if you have trouble understanding the King James Version.  I like to use the Contemporary English Version, it’s a free download:

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