Aug 29, 2012 – (Audio) Word/Dream: For Jacob

(Part 1)

Every once in a while, the Lord will minister to me by calling me Jacob.  When I receive the name Jacob, I understand it to mean a title or a name that is given me.  The Lord has called his people by that name and we belong to Him, Isa 43:1.  So, if it seems strange it shouldn’t, we are all called Jacob’s People.  I myself am of the Tribe of Judah, a descendant of the Jews of Spain, having grown up as a Christian, not a practicing Jew, Messianic or otherwise.


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The Lord began ministering to me by saying these words:



Then I received a dream.  In this dream, I was shown two dwelling places:  a massive Godly Ark; standing beside it was a New World Order hovel.

I toured both dwelling places: the Ark had a lovely piano, wide open spaces, and high reaching rafters; the N.W.O. hovel was a shocking ghetto-ish display of vulgar “art” all painted in blue and within the hovel were closets that had shackles with gloves attached at the wrists, hanging limply.  I said, “This place is totally unsuitable for me.”   And the dream ended.

Choose Wisely

I believe what I have been shown is a choice that God is making to His people.  We have two choices, Ark or Hovel.  The only way we can know which one to stay away from is by reading our Bibles.  And not just reading – understanding the deep spiritual nature of Scripture (John 3:31), and believing on the promises of God (Isaiah 51:11).  Becoming completely and totally saturated in Scripture, so that we speak Scripture conversationally, we think Scripture, we analyse Scripture, we dream Scripture – S A T U R A T E D. That is how we overcome!

End Times Ark:


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3 thoughts on “Aug 29, 2012 – (Audio) Word/Dream: For Jacob

  1. I love your relationship with the LORD, and the beautiful way He speaks to you,the same way He does to me too in dreams,visons and words. I bless His holy name,Our Kinsman Redeemer YAHUSHUA ha Mashiach. He aptly described them, those who call themselves ”the blue bloods”,not knowing that their abode is ramshackled closets, totally unsuitable for human beings. Love you sis, God bless you for sharing.

  2. Sometime this year, the LORD spoke to me, and this is what He said ” Reba the Fighter”. Could He be referring to me by that name? It felt so, and I tried to find out the meaning of the name ”Reba”. it is short for Rebecca, who in the bible was the wife of Isaac.

    • Well, Reba could surely be pointing to Rebecca, but for some reason, I’m also thinking about Deborah…she was a woman warrior. Yes, that is a spiritual name our Father has given you, Reba the Fighter. I think that’s wonderful!

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