July 14, 2012 – Vision: Mongol Horde Warcry

Back on Dec 15, 2011, I received a powerful dream where I was shown many things having to do with the end of this earth age.  In the dream I was sleeping and was awakened by a small boy who was sitting on my bed; he touched my arm, led me out of the bed (holding my hand) and took me to a table directing me to put on my glasses.  In dreams glasses are not needed, but this is symbolic of being given “spiritual sight” – a clearer vision or ability to see within the spiritual realm.  The small boy I have come to understand is the Man Child, of Revelation Ch 12, Jesus; He revealed His name to me as “Judge.”  We walked through a door and he showed me a series of images, which I will provide the meaning of as I go along:

A sandbox = the people of God playing, living carelessly, building their houses on sand

A square hole in the ground filled with clear water = pool, mikveh, baptism (reminder of Jesus)

A tool shed that was locked up = the people not using the gifts God has given them

A freshly dug/freshly covered grave = death

A tombstone with the words “5 days left” etched = day for a year principle

Words written in the sky – “c. 1280” and “Book of Ashes”  (ie, Ashes of Heifer)

A strange looking clock with the numbers 6, 5, 7 showing = symbolic of the Venus Transit

I fell on my knees and grabbed the earth in huge handfuls = See Rev 12:16 (symbolic of the “earth helped the woman”)

Utter unbearable anguish in the dream = Our Heavenly Father revealing His Pain to me over the loss of souls during the Final Hour


So what does all of this have to do with the Mongols?  Well, the year c. 1280 that I was given in the dream pointed me to the Mongol Empire.   What I found was this: In October of 2003, an ancient Mongol map was found in a Shimabara City Buddist Temple.  It was a huge floor sized map of the entire Eurasian landmass, we’re talking Japan, India, China, Iraq, Europe, Siberia; even Africa is depicted.  The Title of the map – “Konitsu” – means “a unified Asia, Europ, Africa,” WITHOUT BORDERS…essentially a One World Government, and the owner of this map was none other than Khubilai Khan. The map is indicative of his personal desires for his empire.

During the 13th Century the Mongol Horde sweeps through Eurasia with unsurpassed military might which also includes biological warfare and Khan amasses the largest historical empire the world has ever known.  To maintain the enormous empire, Khan shifts his attention away from military might, and begins to work on the economic foundations of the empire. He demands unquestioning access to the land. He sets his sights on precious metals, especially silver. He creates a new currency, which is to be used throughout the gigantic empire.  It was the heaviest currency issued by the Empire and was used for high priced transactions.  If you have possession of this currency, you can freely buy the best the world has to offer.  ….Does this sound familiar to anyone??

Basically, what I found is that we can use the template of the Mongol Empire as a means to understand the Book of Revelation. At the time of the December 2011 dream, it was also 5 days before Channukah of that year…which is another set of very prophetic events that can also help us to understand the last days we are living in.  I will post another blog about Channukah’s relevance soon.

All of this leads me to a short vision I had on July 14, 2012:

In this vision I was standing in a desert.  I saw a large war party of horses and riders. They were all dressed like warriors from the Mongol Empire.  I heard the lead warrior shout a word, “AGUADA!”

The word aquada (aguado) means watering hole.  In Biblical terms it can mean cistern, well, or pit – meaning a prison.  In ancient Biblical days the dried up wells were often used as hiding places and prisons.

For me this is just further confirmation that the Hour is here and war is just around the corner.  See:  http://youtu.be/WUaFwbT6NKg