Sept 2, 2012 – Don’t Celebrate Being Bitten

While pondering my recent spiritual battles and the things the Lord is revealing to me and providing His tremendous blessings to my heart, I received a Word from the Lord:


And I’m reminded of all the vampire type stuff out there, from books, music, to movies – how the world glorifies being bitten, they glorify the serpent bites, the injuries, the slavery and the spiritual strongholds produced by the serpent bites.  “Bitten” – that’s the word the Lord gave me.   Belief in those things are “sa-tonic” like drinking a strange cocktail of lies and deceit.  Christians need to really search their hearts and their belief systems and ask the Lord to reveal any serpent bites they might have.  It is imperative to the health of our spiritual walk that we rid and separate ourselves from the things of the world.

The Lord also ministered to me that everyone has wounds.  None of us can ever say, “This would never happen to me.”  No, that’s incorrect – it can happen to anyone and has happened to everyone.  We live in a fallen world, our flesh is corrupted, none of us has it all together, no one can escape these things, we are born into this world and it is in a fallen state.

The only way to heal from the wounds is to expose where they came from and how they got there.  To come to the Lord in a spirit of truly wanting to be free from the corruption and doctrines of the world, and to have a willing spirit and heart and be able to ask ourselves the hard questions; we must be willing to wait for the answer, to allow ourselves to feel the pain, and to allow the Lord to help us grow and mature in Jesus.

Are you quick to judge your brother or sister?

Do you think you are somehow better than they?

Is there a struggle of inadequacy, do you feel jealous?

Do you think you have done something so horrible that Jesus cannot save you from it?

Are you quick to assume something about your neighbor, only to find out later you were wrong?

Do you tune people out the minute they open their mouths to speak?

All of these behaviors are rooted in false teachings and false beliefs. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself , “What am I doing wrong, what is separating me from knowing the true Jesus ” Make a list and then honestly take that list to prayer, asking our Heavenly Father to help you figure out the root cause of it.  When did it all start?  I would venture to guess most of it comes from childhood experiences…  Be patient with yourselves and with Jesus – if you are 20 years old, or 40 years old or 50 years old…think about how many years it took to get where you are today…don’t expect to heal overnight, it is a process, it’s about allowing Jesus to walk you through it, trusting that He is knowledgable and His timing is perfect.

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I felt a true desire, a calling to just be humble before the Lord.  True humility comes from the heart; it’s more than the act of getting on our knees and praying.  It’s being engulfed with a desire – a true want and need – to repent and be forgiven, to kneel before the Thone of God and know that we are unworthy to even touch the hem of His garment.  I must tell you that it was a joy.  I felt true joy in humbling myself before Yeshua.  It’s hard to describe the feeling, but I know the feeling I felt was joy – joy at the knowledge that because I have accept Yeshua, He has accepted me.

…and I’m so grateful…


1Pe 5:6-7  Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

6 thoughts on “Sept 2, 2012 – Don’t Celebrate Being Bitten

  1. Hi Selena, I cannot help but love God more when I read your posts. How arrogant son of man is in his ways. We have access to the creator of us: He can heal us and set us free. But inside we are so twisted and set in wrong ways that none of us can set ourselves free. Only He can – and He desires it sooo much. But He is such a gentleman that he will never force Himself on us – it must be an invite – and very time I do so it is an overwhelming joy that I feel in such a deep place – a place which is unreachable by any man or any of his psychologies. God is awesome! May He bless you and keep you. Keep Well, Patrick

  2. wow, serpent bite, confirmation to me on a dream I had, I was shown a person I know well and on them were numerous bites and my understanding was as you have written. God Bless,

    • Oh I pray they get healed soon. So many blessings in store for them when they do – also there is a stregnth that comes too, I’m learning this too, because the battle belongs to the Lord. God bless you too.

  3. This is what the people of God and the people of the world are up against. The satanic attack on mankind is becoming more and more evident every day. I can hear the call of God to us . . . and I can see where He is calling us to . . . but when I look at the obstacles that have been placed in our way . . . I ask – Lord, who can possibly answer your call? If anyone answers the call – who can actually make it to you?
    We must stay on our faces before the Lord!!! We can only make it through His grace and His mercy!!! God bless you my sister!!! Always!!

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