Aug 6, 2012 – WORD about Alien Abduction

I had been in prayer for most of the day and into the night on August 6, which is why I received several dreams and words from the Lord.  I don’t have alot of responsibility outside of my family.  I’ve recently quit my job and so 90% of my time is spent with the Lord, seeking His council and ministering to Jesus in prayer and with song.

During prayer I’d received a brief vision of someone who was demon possessed.  The Lord told me that it is coming soon, the wave of demonic infestation.

Then I received a Word from the Lord saying, “Alien abduction, 7th wonder of the world, 6th wonder of the world.  Try to understand their relation to the Azimuth Grid.”  I did a some looking into it.  I’m no genious when it comes to Astronomy or Geography, so I did the best I could.  I hope I did this correctly:

Lighthouse of Alexandria – 31.125 N / 29.53 E

Colossus of Rhodes – 36˚ N / 28˚ E


The other clue Abba gave me was to remind me about a prior dream I’d had about Alien Scanners:

The only thing I can currently think of is that these places might be used for Illuminati rituals, “pick-up” or “drop-off” stations.

The other thing is that Abba ministered to me about the wayward Church. The understanding I have is that they are the blunderers, the Abishag’s of the People of God.  In other words, the Foolish Virgins.  They are weak minded, stuck in the Church system because they will not heed the Call of the Holy Spirit, read their Bibles, or repent and be delivered.


Scriptural Reference:

Lev 26:22 I will send wild animals among you; they will rob you of your children, destroy your livestock and reduce your numbers, until your roads are deserted.

See also: Lev Ch 26

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  1. I can see this through spiritual eyes!! The world has been hypnotized, brainwashed, and trained to fight against anything and everything that is of God. The results of this will be . . . . . ” The Day Of The Lord “.

  2. Lighthouse at Alexandria

    Year constructed and who built it: The lighthouse (the Pharos) was built by order of Ptolemy Soter, in 290 B.C., it was completed some twenty years later.The lighthouse’s designer was Sostrates of Knidos
    The city of Alexandria (whose building started in the reign of Alexander the Great and was completed by Ptolemy)
    Its purpose: A symbol for the city and a mechanism to guide the many trade ships into the busy harbor. It original purpose was first as a city symbol and then as a working lighthouse.
    Current use? None. Its remains lie on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea. (See construction /destruction at site given below). – probably the victim of earthquakes. (collapse 1336 BC)
    The city of Alexandria: northwest of Egypt, is located at 31.198° Latitude North and 29.9192° Longitude East. The position of the lighthouse was 31.125 North; 29.53 East.
    Current State? Not standing. Not even certain that its remains have been found. Divers at the bottom of the harbor have only found large blocks of stone (read story at site below) . There are plans to turn this site into an archaeological park with a lighthouse museum.Visitors maybe able to rent snorkle gear and wet suits and dive in the bay among the remains of the great Pharos lighthouse.
    Why one of the Wonders?: it was the first lighthouse in the world and the tallest building in existence, with the exception of the Great Pyramid.
    The Colossus of Rhodes

    The Colossus of Rhodes was a huge statue of

    was a huge statue of the Greek god Helios. It was built on the Greek island of Rhodes (approximate coordinates 36°27’04″N,
    28°13’40″E). It was built by Chares of Lindos, a student of Lysippos. It was built between 292 and 280 BC. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Before being destroyed, the Colossus of Rhodes was 70 cubits tall, over 30 metres (100 feet), making it the tallest statue of the ancient world.[1]

    This drawing (found in link above) of Colossus of Rhodes, which illustrated The Grolier Society’s 1911 Book of Knowledge, is probably fanciful, as it is unlikely that the statue stood astride the harbour mouth.
    Colossus of Rhodes, imagined in a 16th-century engraving by Martin Heemskerck, part of his series of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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