July 27, 2012: Old Memory Brought Back

On July 27, I received a reminder from the Lord. I dont’ know why, but I found myself thinking about a day I had visited the Seattle Center years ago. I recall a feeling of being shunned by those around me. I was nice to everyone, but no one seemed responsive at all. No smiles back, no friendly “excuse me” – in fact – some people actually moved away from me as I sat down or stood in the shade. I could not figure out why and I felt that perhaps everyone was just in a bad mood…the moon or rain or whatever.

As I thought about this event, the Lord spoke a short series of words to me:







The word about the “Dark Eye” has to do with The Bright Morning Star (Venus) going into Taurus and settling in the left eye. This symbolizes Judgment from our Lord. I have seen the Lord portray Himself to me in dreams at least twice with this depiction – the Lord is the Bull…how angry He is with the disobedient!

The constellation of Taurus makes the “aleph” the “A” in the Hebrew Alephbet.  It symbolizes an Ox or Bullock, a sacrifice or at-one-ment.  It’s numerical value is ONE (1).   In Hebrew, the Greek word “Omega” would actually be “Tau” or “T” which symbolizes a Sign or Mark, cross, a symbol, a token.


Scriptural Reference:

Rev 1:8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

2 thoughts on “July 27, 2012: Old Memory Brought Back

  1. Wow sister. I was in präyer last night and I felt I should go to the window. I saw Ursa Major, and Taurus =Alef and then this bright planet on the right. I said to myselft that I didn´t quite understand what I was seeing. And now you remind me of this that I should study YHWH calendar in the stars. Thank you and thank you Abba.

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