Sept 7, 2012 – Dream: Face to face with Jesus

In this dream, I was in a railroad place walking around.  Everyone seemed to be hurting, depressed or upset about things. There is an element of the financial to this dream.  I was looking for a place, one of the caves, where I could turn it into a place where the men could go and relax.  I noticed there was a room with alot of clutter, I was neck deep in clutter.  A man told me I couldn’t use a cave saying, “No they’re in plain view, everyone can see.  It’s not a good idea to use one of the caves.  But I kept asking about them, intending to make a safe comfortable place where the men could relax, and get away from it all.  I wanted to put a couch, a table, several chairs, and a television (an entertainment center) in the cave as well.  The man said, “No, you can’t have a television in there.”  I said, “Are you sure there isn’t a place?”  And he replied, “Don’t bother me right now, I’m hurting.”  He said something along those lines, he seemed to be in alot of emotional agony.  I tried to console him, patting him on the back, and I left.

I met a group of women and a man along the way. They were very chatty, I didn’t want to be around a group of chatty women.  Nobody wants to be quiet with their own thoughts anymore, they go on blathering about everything and I don’t like that.  I understood this group of people were Christians.  So I came up with a plan to slip away.  I started asking questions about where I could make a place, in a cave, for people to go where they could just relax and be away from it all.  I saw a greenhouse and stepped inside; there was a piano there, so I played the piano, giving God praise.  And the people were stunned, they were silent.  I said, “It was very nice talking to all of you, but I need to get going now.”  The women said, “Ok, we’ll see you in two weeks.”  And I got up and walked out and continued on my way.

And the dream ended.


As I documented the dream on my recorder, I received a word:



Before posting this blog, I entreated the Lord’s council, and asked him to confirm the dream.  In addition to the “economic crash” word, I also received “the banks,” 10/10 or 1/100; I saw a vision of a tablespoon with a light orange liquid in it, and received understanding that the tablespoon is a unit of measurement; and also the word “shipyards.”  I was instructed to contact a sister who would receive a word from the Lord about this dream.  The word she received was “penny.”

Additionally, I received a vision of a black limosine coming around the bend. I took notice of a marker which read, “Tarded.”  Afterwards, the Lord gave me the word “motorcade” – I understood this to be a reference to Obama.  Pardon the language in this blog, but the Urban Dictionary defines the word “Tarded” as: Someone who is so f***ing special, that they don’t deserve the privilege of the prefix “RE.”  I believe the Lord is extremely angry about that blasphemous John 3:16 calendar, and I am standing by His side on that one.


I believe this dream is a dire warning for the people of God.  When I played the piano to the group of women in the dream and they were silent – that is symbolic of the people of God having a “Face to face” with Jesus and being silent before Him, See:

P.S.  Anyone who is truly understanding what is happening in the world knows that the economy will crash, and probably sooner rather than later.  Also, this isn’t the first time I’ve received something from the Lord about the economy failing.  I did a video about this months ago as well:   See: 

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  1. I just recorded a video today about the banks closing. David will review it tomorrow and we will upload it when prompted to do so. When the sister received the Word “Penny” – was it in reference to a unit of money or to me?

    • She explained that she received the word “penny” and then thought of you. She did not know I called her for a word about economic collapse, because I did not tell her, this is why she thought the word “penny” was related to you. After she gave me the word “penny” I explained to her that yes, this word was indeed related and that I needed a word about the economy or money or something relating to the dream (caves, trains, people in emotional agony, etc.) just anything that would let me know the Father had ministered to her about my dream.

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