Sept 9, 2012 – My pointed yet random thoughts…

This past week and weekend have been very busy for me. It’s been a real struggle to make time for my Online Dream Diary.  I told Abba I’m worried I will begin falling behind, and I’m dragging my feet somewhat at the moment. He spoke to me saying, “You’re fatigued.” When I think of the word “fatigued” I think of someone who is just a bit tired. But when I looked up the word, it is defined as: mental or physical exhaustion: extreme tiredness or weariness resulting from physical or mental activity.

I would have to say this definition is more like what I am feeling. I’ve been praying, seeking our Lord Jesus, asking Him to slow the dreams down, if it be His will, and graciously I believe He has being doing that, because I need time to journal, I need time to study my Bible, I need time to reflect on all that I have been given.

Yesterday, my son surprised me by taking me to the King Tut exhibit for my birthday. I found it very interesting that the Lord had placed that on his heart, he told me, “Mom, I was planning on taking you someplace else, but I really felt like this was where you should be taken, I really wanted to give this to you.” I knew it was the Lord. Before even leaving my home, I prayed over myself and my son, and I annointed my head with Pomegranate oil, a special annointing oil I use that is from Israel. I prayed for both physical and spiritual protection, understanding I was about to enter into a “chamber” that was infested with demonic spirits; those ancient items attract demons – that is my personal belief. I specifically requested that the Lord be my “tour guide” and provide me with spiritual insights while I was there. I took photos and was in prayer the entire time; What the Lord revealed to me was amazing. I even stood before the statue of Akhenaten. I will share these things and the photos on my blog as soon as possible.

I was talking with a sister in Christ recently on Skype, discussing plans I had for surviving the economic crash that is coming. I told her that I had received a word from the Lord about my situation, He said, “Camping trip.” I know exactly what Abba meant by that; I live in a very rural area, there’s a river in my back yard, a place for a campfire, and a cabin currently being used for storage.  I often joke around that I don’t need to go to a campgrounds to go camping. I can just pitch a tent in my backyard and forget the house is there and I’m on a “camping trip.” I told her that the word “camping trip” tells me there won’t be electricity in my area. The good thing is that I have been preparing for several years for life without electricity amid a lot of teasing and rolling of the eyes from most of the people I know.

Prophetic Ministry

In 2000, the Lord told me during prayer the name of the town He wanted me to move to. I didn’t understand it at the time, I had never even heard of this town before, but during the course of all these years, I’ve come to understand that this town is my safe place; at least for now. I do believe He has also been ministering to me another safe place to go to sometime in the future, and when it is time for me to pack up and leave, I will do so, just as I have before. I moved here in 2005-ish, and I understand now why He wanted me to move here so early. It’s because I needed time to acclimate to the area and lifestyle. City life to rural life is literally like being a fish out of water. Watching Little House on the Prairie and actually living it are two different things; during the winter, sometimes I don’t have power for days, and once it was a couple of weeks I didn’t have electricity and boy was that a test of endurance for me. Waist deep snow, cat baths with little bowls of water and a wash cloth…yeah, I needed these past years to adjust and settle in. When the wood stove was recently installed, I knew that was a sign for me that things were going to “heat up” in the world.

I’d like to briefly share that for the past few weeks the Lord has been ministering to me about Obama, and about the spirit of blasphemy and how it will effect the people of the world, and even how it will effect God’s people.  He has revealed to me that my role as a prophetess includes being a ministering servant unto Jesus, ministering to Him specifically through the venue of song.  Many times when I hear Him calling my name, I will say, “Yes Lord I am here.”  And He will request I sing to Him.  I hope to share some of the songs that I minister to Jesus with all of you very soon.

Lastly, I’d like to share that my four year old nefew came to Jesus a few days ago.  I had shared with him a song I recently uploaded to youtube so he could hear his tia singing, and soon after I heard him singing “Yeshua, Yeshua,” over and over again.  I knew in my heart right then and there, that he had accepted Jesus.  Our Lord is so amazing.  Even a little boy of four years old can come to Jesus, it’s all about the Holy Spirit ministering to the heart.

The song John 3:16:

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