Aug 2012 – Sharing Insights about Obama

Aug 6 – Vision: Mr. & Mrs. Obama

In this vision, I was standing in the White House presidential dining room. Sitting before me at a table was Barak and Michelle Obama. They were fully dressed in very nice clothing, and there were two place settings complete with silverware, plates, food, water glasses, a little vase with flowers, white table cloth, etc. However, they both were fast asleep, heads tilted.

I believe that both the Obama’s eat at a table of spiritual death, and are spiritually dead. There is no life nor light in them.

The word I received for this vision is:


Aug 8 – Word: Obama

During prayer I received a vision where I saw Barak Obama and I saw a cut wood round.  Then I received a series of words:


Did Obama actually attend the London Olympics?  I have no idea, I don’t keep track of what he is doing, I honestly don’t care.  Everything the Father gives me I look at spiritually.  In my opinion those Olympic ceremonies and shows were symbolic representations of occultic rituals, and so that is the reason for the reference to the Olympics.  They are hailing their false messiah, the 222 of Freemasonry. When I looked up the word “off” (as in “off to London”) in the concordance, it means:

Hewn Tree Cut Off

Aug 21 – Night Vision: Obama in my Bedroom

On the morning of August 21, I woke and the Lord immediately spoke a word:  You were visited by Barak Obama last night.

Yes, that was true.  In the wee-early hours of the morning, when it was still very dark outside, I had a powerful night vision.  In the vision I saw Obama standing in my bedroom, looking down at me with hate filled eyes.  He had the darkest cloud settled around him.  His face was utter darkness.  In the vision, I began pronouncing Judgment, Wrath, Damnation and the Flames of Hell upon him.  I was very angry in the vision, and I wanted him removed from my sight, I said, “Take him away, I do not wish to see his face!”  And the Lord removed him from my spiritual sight, and I received a word: Defecating on his bed.

Soon after, I fell asleep and slept soundly and peacefully.


What I have shared with the reader in this blog are dreams and visions I have received; I want to caution the reader to look at these things spiritually, and also remind the reader to pray about everything you see, hear, and read, regardless of topic or who you’ve received it from. Remember that interpretation belongs to the Lord.  Please also remember that the prophets only receive in part, and don’t always fully understand what we are being shown.

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  1. Hi Selina,
    This reminds me of a dream I had in early August. I was in a convenience store buying a pack of cigarettes and Obama and his secret service showed up. The cigarettes I was buying are called “American Spirit”. Obama told me, I don’t smoke anymore. I was aware that it was some sort of drug or something that he was given to allow him to quit smoking. I pondered on the dream for a while and a few days later the Lord revealed to me the dream wasn’t really about smoking, but about breathing and about the actual name of the cigarette pack. I understood it to be that Obama no longer breathed in Spirit but had been altered in some way so that he no longer breathed in Spirit, “American Spirit” specifically, but also was under the impression of no Spirit.
    Thanks for sharing your dreams and visions. You are an encouragement to me. Yahweh bless you!

  2. i made a video where i mentioned a dream where i was in obamas bedroom. i was prophesying to them . preaching the gospel . he refused to listen . the wife did at first but was lured ,seduced back to lay down in bed. i believe it represents the bride of Christ being seduced to lie down with the enemy. that was the word in my spirit . “SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY”.

  3. his true heritage , rome , london. that dream is abouot the fact that kenya was not called kenya at the time barry was born there. it was called something else because it was a part of the british empire. it is one of the parts of the roman empire that went to england. America is the 7th empire . it is the revived roman empire. it is named after a mans whose name is gothic. the goths are thought most likely to come from persia. think golgotha. it seems that amero, like the money that might be coming here. and amaru ,the flying serpant ,of the inca or mayan or something ; i don’t remeber which; are all words similar to america which means people ruler in gothic. these bloodlines go back to london then rome . and further back to the tribe if dan , but also ,perhaps the amorites. think amorica rather then america. these amorites are thought bu some schlolars to be the hyksos of egypt during the slavery of the israelites. as a black person and you being boriquena (puerto rican) we are bloodline deceandents of the israelites and the people running this country are the bloodline deseandents of the people who enslaved our people then for 400 years and then again for 400 years the blacks were enslaved by these same people. barry owever is a cushite,amorite,danite, jewish,persian assyrian,bloodline deseandent of people including muhammed, ishmael, and even NERO. he is of the MEROvignoins . the 13th family of the illuminati which includes the queen of england. they founded america. i spend much time researching just using google. yet so many refuse to see the truth and condemn me in their hearts .

    • When I was researching this stuff too (years and years ago) I came to much of the same conclusions that you have come to. Although I did not know anything about Obama at the time, in fact, I never believe he was the A/C until late June 2012, when I had the dream. I used to be one of the people who joked saying, “He’s not qualified to be president, I seriously doubt he’s qualified to be the A/C!” If I did not have the dream about Obama being the A/C I would never, ever have thought him to be. I thought the idea was just rediculous.

      It never made sense to me that I was receiving words of warning about Obama until June, and even then it took me a while to accept it. I really struggled with it, people think that I just jumped to conclusions and didn’t do my homework, but that’s not true. Before the dream, I was not paying ANY attention to Obama at all. After receiving the dream, someone forwarded me a video about the name Barak Obama being written in scripture.

      When I checked my Concordance and the Hebrew Alphebet, sure as a shingle, right there it was, and it is directly linked with Luke 10:18. That’s when I became convinced that I had truly heard from the Lord. Some people say the Lord told them BHO (using the middle name)….but that’s not how He told me. He said, “BO” which would be exactly how it would be said in the Aramaic, and exactly how it is written in Scripture.

      Regarding your comment about the Hyksos, I believe they are the true identity of the Isrealite slaves. The history on all of that has been hidden, and there is an effort to “fudge the numbers” with regard to correctly calculating time – if they move the historicl timeline forward or backwards in any way, they can essentially “jump over” that period of history and declare that the Isrealites were never there. It’s all a concerted effort to debunk scripture.

      Thanks for your comment, it is a great addition to the blog. =)

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