July 2012 – Sharing Insights about Obama

July 9 – Thinking Out Loud

The Lord showed me something a while back ago.  Basically that many people are not going to recognize what is happening, it’s part of the strong delusion.  He also gave me a word, he said, “When the image of the beast is erected, you will not see it.”  I can look at that one of two ways: either it’s because the image is technologically produced and these people who have had their minds eye tampered with by the enemy, they will be able to see it, maybe through holographic imagery or simply through demonic manifestation and I am protected by the Seal of God; or it could mean that I’m not even going to be on planet earth, maybe I’ve already died and gone to be with the Father and that’s why I won’t see it.

lightning striking earth

When Revelation 13:13 is fulfilled, I honestly believe many will still not receive or understand that Obama is the antichrist. I believe it’s because so many refuse to take God at his Word, if they did, they would believe on His Word, digest it, take it to heart, believe all of God’s promises to them; but instead they follow after traditions of man, they seek reward from humans.  If they believed on Jesus the way they claim, they would say God’s word is true and not false, and they would be blessed by Him with the Truth.  The Bible is reality.  It is the only reality.

God is going to show His Mighty Arm of Justice, but people are so temporal, it’s my opinion that many people won’t be able to fully digest what is happening; they are so flesh oriented , they don’t understand that the flesh is dying already.  It’s decaying.  There’s nothing to the flesh except flesh.  We live, and the end result for all of us is that we die and go back to the Father.  We all go back to the Father, even the evil ones.  The Bible says that all souls belong to the Creator, Eze 18:4.  Because people only focus on saving the flesh, they aren’t willing to trust Him, that He can provide.  How so many people will wish that they had trusted Jesus; Judgment day will be filled with joy and with sorrow.