June 2012 – Sharing Insights about Obama

As some of you may already know, I believe that Barak Obama is the antichrist. I don’t say the “future” antichrist because in my humble opinion, if he’s the future antichrist, then he is in fact the antichrist. No one else can fulfill the role of “future” for him, he has to fill that role himself. The information about Obama came to me in a dream on June 24, 2012; prior to that I did not believe him to be the antichrist. Because I was blindsided by the information, it took me a few days to acquaint and accept this understanding. It’s because I believed the “illusion” that the world presents; in order to see the truth, we have to walk spiritually.

June 24 – Additional Insights

Vision: I saw the presidential podium and Obama was standing there smiling. Then the vision briefly abated and I saw the podium again and he wasn’t there. I heard someone saying, “We’re ready for sharp pain. The mortal wound will happen at the end. Obama left alone.”

I continued receiving words and visions regarding ancient pyramids, a capstone; I saw a red sky and a flash of lightening strike the earth. Additionally, I received this word about Obama: ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES.

(I personally believe Obama will be a two termer, and that he will win by flatteries, just as it states in Daniel 11:21. I will actually be quite surprised if he didn’t win the election.)

June 26 – Dream: Shooting

In this dream, a man was shot. I saw two men standing on a platform. One man was trying to warn the other man about the antichrist. When the first man pointed his finger in the direction of the antichrist (who was not seen or named in the dream) the second man drew his gun to shoot. The first man screamed, “No!” But before the man with the gun could shoot, a shot rang from a different direction, and that man was killed. I saw the number 261 in the dream.

After the dream was over, I prayed about the dream. I wanted to know more about it. The word I received was: “We must mentally and spiritually prepare. One is going to stay, one is going to be put into a box. Assasination.”

June 27 – Dream: Dark Cloud

In this dream information was given about the antichrist. The Lord spoke to me saying: “5 o’clock; dark cloud, sudden destruction; The Lord has related to the stars: Regulus, the warning. His name was written in the heavens for all eyes to see as a warning. Can you not see My Majesty?”


I had a second dream along the same vien: In the dream the Lord spoke to me saying, “The antichrist’s name is written in the stars. Promise to be faithful and I will give you the crown of life.”   I said, “Yes Lord, I promise.”


What I have shared with the reader in this blog are dreams and visions I have received; I want to caution the reader to look at these things spiritually, and also remind the reader to pray about everything you see, hear, and read, regardless of topic or who you’ve received it from. Remember that interpretation belongs to the Lord.  Please also remember that the prophets only receive in part, and don’t always fully understand what we are being shown.