Sept 2012 – Sharing Insights about Obama

Sept 4 – Dream: About Obama

In this dream I was given an important message, and the message was stated twice in the dream:  OBAMA KILLED A CAT AND FIVE MICE.

Egyptian Mau

After praying on this dream and consulting with a sister in Christ who has also been given prophetic gifts, we came to the conclusion that the cat is an Egyptian Mau.  This is all the understanding I have been given regarding this dream.

Sept 5 – Dream: A Sign in the Road

In this dream I saw a woman traveling with a man who was resistant to making a commitment to her.  She was pleading with him as to why it was important that he stay.  She showed him something, a sign in the road, the sign read: Juniper Berries.  They went to a house and protected a small child, they had to protect the child at all costs.  They were upset with each other, preparing for battle, maybe even preparing to meet their maker, I don’t know for sure, there was this huge sense of waiting for something big to arrive or to happen.  When I woke from the dream, I received a word:  Barry Sotoro.

Juniper Berries is a reference to “female seed” – See:

Sept 6 – Word:  Maintain

During prayer, I received a word from the Lord:  BARAK OBAMA, KING OF UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, KING OF DEFILEMENT.

He also entreated me saying:  Maintain Your Beauty, Remain Spiritually Undefiled.  (This word truly is for the Servants of YHVH Yeshua, His Spiritually Beautiful Bride; He wants us to remain spiritually pure, don’t fall into temptation, don’t stray from God’s Word.  Heed the Calling of Jesus.  Remain Spiritual Virgins in the eyes of Yah.)

Sept 7 – Dream:  Motorcoach

In this dream, I saw a man cooking food.  It had a burning Middle Eastern smell to it, strange spices of some sort that either give off a burning smell or were being burned from overheat.  The dream switched and I saw a presidential motorcoach pulling out of a driveway, when I saw that I was shown a strange symbol: it was a circle with horns.  As the car drove away, I heard people singing the German National Anthem.

The understanding I was received about the burning smell is that it represents the defiled.

Sept 7 – Vision: The False One on the Donkey

In response to request for a confirmation for another dream, (See:, I received a brief vision of something I believe relates to Obama as the False Messiah:  I saw a cartoonish looking depiction of a man riding a donkey and he was holding a money bag.  On the money bag was written the number zero (0).

Sept 9 – Vision: About Re-Election

I received a vision after asking the Lord the question: Will Obama be re-elected?

It is my personal opinion that he will be….but I entreated the Lord anyway, hoping he might reveal something to me.  He answered me with a vision:  I saw Barak Obama with an evil looking pentagram seared/burned into his forehead, and I received the word “sacred geometry.”

I prayed against the imagery in the vision, and asked Yeshua to cleanse my spiritual sight – when I am shown things like that it bothers me tremendously.  To be honest I was hoping for a yes or no answer; I wish everything I am shown was all flowers and butterflies, but the truth is that the spiritual realm is not at all like that; I can’t wait until Jesus comes to destroy His enemies with the Brightness of His Coming.


What I have shared with the reader in this blog are dreams and visions I have received; I want to caution the reader to look at these things spiritually, and also remind the reader to pray about everything you see, hear, and read, regardless of topic or who you’ve received it from. Remember that interpretation belongs to the Lord.  Please also remember that the prophets only receive in part, and don’t always fully understand what we are being shown.

8 thoughts on “Sept 2012 – Sharing Insights about Obama

  1. hi there. i have been trying to find a link to email you something privately but i don’t seem to find your email anywhere.

  2. obama was re-elected of course . and the motor coach thing might have something to do with islam and the 4th reich . the germans were close to the persians and are the reason tat they changed their name to iran meaning aryan people . the persians are the anciant parthians scythians etc. their kingdom went into turkey and other parts of eastern europe. the cetic people are believed to be at least part scythian . the russians are said to be scythians. this groups are people from around the caucausus the caucasians . thhe germans are indo-european just like the persians. in other words the europeans are romans who are greeks who are persians who are babylonian assyrian egyptian amorite hittite jebusite danite. etc. it is about bloodlines.
    oba,as german mother had to convince her husband to adopt barry giving him his last name. in order to keep him in indonesia . see that word again INDO. the indonesians are probably related the germans and persians etc. barrys momma is german. also she probably had to convince obama sr. who might not be his dad. he might be a clone(seek the Lord , i don’t know) anti means mimc or copy . joseph was thout to be Christs father. their are still rituals where fallen angels enpragnate woman . then their are the grays. the thrones , principalities etc. al different types of demonic beings. they invented invetro fertalization test tube babies etc. the govt make spacecraft for the children of the fallen . most of whom are underground. some do it the old fashion way like the testimony of the daughter queen federica of greece . she said it happened under the vatican and many politicians and religouse rulers were there. (satanic ritual abuse). point being he might not be the child of an earthly dad. for the first post a song comes to mind”the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy bue and the man in the moon. when you comin home son don’t know when , we’ll get together then. i know we’ll have a good time then”. they sing songs to bring in his spirit. and make movies like rosemary’s baby.

    • Yes, I believe the Lord showed me that his mother actually had the “seed of the woman” making it possible to be impregnanted by a powerful spirit being, that being Satan himself. The word I received after a dream I’d had about Obama was “Juniper Berries.” (type Juniper Berries in the search engine of this blog to find the dream posting). When I looked that up, I saw that it was clearly a reference to female seed. So yes, in this case, Satan is clearly trying to kidnap and copy Yeshua. And if the Holy Spirit came down like a dove and filled Yeshua with it’s Power, then the “lightening” of Satan will also fall down on Obama and fill him with his Evil. The scriptural confirmation for that can be found here, Luke 22:3.

      These people are pure evil. Have you seen the latest photos of Obama on the cover of magazines? Since when has his grin been so devilish and deceitful?! The man can’t even open his eyes when he smiles anymore, as far as body language goes, it’s a sure sign he is trying to hide the PURE EVIL in him.

      In my dream about the 4×4 Blazer, what I also think the Lord is showing me is that Satan will very soon be inhabiting Obama…the Satan is in neutral right now and we are waiting for him to get INTO position. So, that’s the next thing that will happen.

      I know Yeshua will reveal it to me when it happens, and when He does, I will post the dream on my blog.

      I love you brother, I’m so glad you are hanging in there. Stay strong. =)

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