Sept 18, 2012 – Beautiful Sister, Beautiful Banner

Dear Sindi,

Words cannot express how truly thankful and grateful I am for the time you spent creating this banner for my blog.  Thank you so very much.  I began just weeping for joy when I saw it.  Your words are amazing:

“The above is your banner – now it HAD to be the above bride  standing in the wheat harvest – with the bridegroom arriving on His white  horse. This is what the Lord showed me continuously.

Sending you lots of love in Christ, Sindi

Sister, I love it.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  And I am so HONORED to have this photo that you have created as the banner for my blog.  May Yeshua richly bless you and yours always.

So very grateful,



8 thoughts on “Sept 18, 2012 – Beautiful Sister, Beautiful Banner

    • Isn’t it amazing? She just wrote me and said she wanted to make something for me, and the next thing I know, WOW – she created this amazing banner. Oh, I’m so thankful. I really wanted something lovely like this for my blog too. Thank you Lord, thank you for the blessings of my sister Sindi.

  1. What a treasure given to you Selina and your readers as well. It feels so safe here an oasis from the world . . . and now an even lovlier one! Love & Prayers, Carmen

  2. Hi Selina,

    I just wanted to thank you for this lovely entry on your blog!! I teared up when I realised again that when an idea starts in heaven, hearts will be touched…

    And to be part of something that the Lord wanted to do, even if it is something as small as this, is just absolutely amazing.

    Blessings, blessings, BLESSINGS 2 U!!

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