Aug 31, 2012 – Sharing Insights: Fallen Angels (Pt 3)

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Continuing with sharing my thoughts and insights; I recorded these additional words:

I believe it is entirely possible that the fallen angels will have much to do with this.  Since they will be running the world governments from behind the scene (See Bible study: ) – this is most likely how “the government” will know how to use the strong delusion against the people.


Perhaps they will appear to individuals, in a form that the person associates with Jesus.  Even if that fallen angel doesn’t even look like that in reality and has a totally different form – it will be a manipulation of the mind’s eye.  So whatever false doctrine the person is steeped in – the fallen angels will use that to disply the image of the false christ in the manner that the person who is walking in error will receive, because they are maniputlating the minds eye. 

Hmm…the Lord just gave me the word MYSTIC.  Ok, additional understanding is that on a broader scale holography will be used in public settings, crowds, etc., whenever there’s a large gathering, they may use holographic technology to cover a larger area. 

…there’s something about the eyes…the holograms and the eyes, an implant maybe, a projection. 


Scriptural Reference:

Isa 9:16  For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.

See: Warning about Galactic Federation

The above-words in italics are my thoughts, insights and basic understanding, which I am sharing; I am not saying my version is 100% correct.  As always, pray about everything you see, hear, and read.  God bless.

2 thoughts on “Aug 31, 2012 – Sharing Insights: Fallen Angels (Pt 3)

  1. Selina,

    I had a dream/vision in regards to false reality and magnets, entertainment. (see link)

    This made me think how many of us walk around with some kind of device or another, cell phone, computer, kindle, mp3…..

    Some of the holograms are absolutely amazing such as touchable holograms.

    God Bless,

    • I’ll definately check it out. I haven’t posted this yet, but I had a dream that briefly mentioned holograms too. I may post it soon, not sure. Thank you for sharing this info. God bless!

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