Aug 31, 2012 – Sharing Insights: Judgment (Pt 2)

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After receiving the dream (see Pt 1), and documenting what I was shown, I continued recording these words:

I think it is possible that this situation could give way (at least in part) to the Alien Rapture.  The people will be crying out to be delievered, because the conditions will be so harsh, that they will believe any lie that comes with a promise of relief.  Anything to them will be better than being in those camps.  So, they’ll believe a lie that they are going to be rescued…  Maybe that’s how the government will be able to use the strong delusion against them. 

false rapture

All of this has to happen first, THEN, the whole alien brotherhood thing comes into play; this is what I am thinking.  Because the people will be crying out for a deliverer, but the strong delusion will already be in full swing, and many will think their “Jesus” is coming in spaceship…  Who knows what those “re-education camps” will be telling them; obviously they will be trying to take any Truth and Godly scripture away from them.  So the forced labor camps will be “a weapon” to strip the minds of the people from whatever they have.  This reminds me of the scriptures admonishing us to “hold fast” to what we know.  The people who don’t hold fast – they will be deluded into believing some false messiah will come and rescue them.  That will be part of it…

This false rescue may not be overtly taught, it will most likely be deceptively laced within the teachings.  And the public is already set up for that anyway, because of Hollywood.  Movies like The Knowing comes to mind.  Also that old movie Cocoon.  That seems to make some logical sense to me. 

It doesn’t make sense that the “alien rapture” would happen now or before these events.  It makes more sense that it will happen later, when things are so bad, it will be a spiritual holocaust.

(Also, it occurs to me that “government” could be New World Order government…)


Scriptural Reference:

Isa 9:16  For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.

The above-words in italics are my thoughts, insights and basic understanding, which I am sharing; I am not saying my version is 100% correct.  As always, pray about everything you see, hear, and read.  God bless.

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  1. It seems to me that there are so many people are very sure of the rapture before the trials of man, I personally can’t reason with this train of thought especially in light of Matt 24:6-7 the beginning of sorrows, and then,-9 captured or handed over, tortured and put to death… -10 to fall away… I agree dear sister, spiritual death through torture,sickness,starvation,etc… Many can lose their faith,some will even confess to what is a lie for sure a terrible time is ahead, indeed it will be ultimate test of ones faith. Knowing the the precise message of the gospels and putting full trust in his teachings, memorize our bibles,hold fast to which is true, and all this is what our lord has told us, because with him surely we are doomed. I pray LORD JESUS when are time comes we have a quick and painless time of it. Thank you for your thoughts and insights Selina I do believe you’re so rightly close to the truth and it is absolutely terrifying. GOD BLESS THOSE OF WHOM ARE OF LIKE MINDEDNESS through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. AMEN.

    • I hadn’t actually thought of that – but to be honest – it wouldn’t surprise me. Many who think the pre-trib rapture is true aren’t spiritually preparing themselves for what is coming. Why should they? They are going to be raptured before all this happens…or so they think. I pray they truly begin studying God’s word. Whatever error the people of God are in, the Holy Spirit will bring the understanding and the scriptures to mind when they need it most. But if they don’t study – I’m afraid the fact of the matter is that they will be deceived. It can happen to any of us if we don’t study God’s Word. The spiritual deception that is coming is the most ELABORATE deception ever known, it will twist scripture in a way never before seen in the history of mankind. Anyone without a sure foundation in Scripture will struggle if not for the mercy of the Lord. I did a video about that, See:

      God bless you.

  2. It all makes me feel sick. I’ve made bible study an important part of my life. But that study never warned me of the things you are reporting (except warning of a great deception – but not it’s nature). I’ve tried to be obedient to the words of the bible. Tried to listen for the prompting of the spirit. I wonder if it’s been wrong to not make more effort to find the needy – to make a point to invest the extra resources God has given us to the poor. When I read your dreams I feel I have been deaf all my life. Oh woe on us!! The children break my heart.

  3. Well, I went to the Lord for strength/comfort/guidance/help. I have been keeping a journal of the verses God has been drawing me to. Here are some that have blessed me. Perhaps they will strengthen someone else too: 1 Sam 2:9&10 , Is 66, Ps 91, Ps 33, Ps 27, Is 24:21 , Is 14:21-22 , Is 26, Is 28:16 , Is 30:15&18. These are a few. Be courageous brothers and sisters! They who know their God will be strong and do exploits!

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