Aug 31, 2012 – Vision: Judgment, Storm Troopers

On this day, I had received several dreams where the Lord had been ministering to me about myself, about Jacob, and about Judgment that is coming.  The vision I am sharing with you in this entry, has to do with Judgment.

I had received a series of visions and understanding with regard to what I was shown.  To put it simply:

The people of our Nation are into self gratification and selfishness as a whole.  They have strayed and become harlots, spiritual harlots.  I was shown the White House, and 95% of it was submerged and barely floating in a massive torrent of dark water, which symbolises Satanic deception; inside were two people.  A man and a woman, very nicely dressed.  They were intwined in a passionate kiss.  As the man kissed the woman, his appearance changed: He turned green and appeared to me as an alien wearing a pharoah’s mitre.  He looked like a hybrid mix.

Basically, what this tells me that is this country is no longer the country it was.  I think on a basic level, many Americans know that already, or are becoming aware.  I hope so anyway.

Then I was shown a terrible scene.  I stood in the middle of an American city street and the ground was trembling.  I could feel the marching of feet, the sound grew louder and louder as it got closer.  Then I saw them, rows and rows of storm troopers, so massive was this troop that they were pushing up against the walls of the buildings that were in the city, they overflowed the street:

The Lord spoke one word to me, He said:



I want to make a quick comment about the spiritual understanding that I have.  While “Jerusalem” is an actual city in the plot of land called the State of Israel – it is also a “spiritual condition” See: Jer 8:5, Gal 4:26.

Download Free King James Bible.  In the search engine of the computer Bible type “Jerusalem” and read how the word Jerusalem is applied not only to a city/locale, but also to a people (Jacob has been scattered), and to spiritual conditions.

I believe it is absolutely critical that we draw near to the Lord – now, not later, not tomorrow.


Scriptural Interpretation:

Luk 21:20-21  And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.  Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.

Jer 4:1-6  If thou wilt return, O Israel, saith the LORD, return unto me: and if thou wilt put away thine abominations out of my sight, then shalt thou not remove. And thou shalt swear, The LORD liveth, in truth, in judgment, and in righteousness; and the nations shall bless themselves in him, and in him shall they glory.  For thus saith the LORD to the men of Judah and Jerusalem, Break up your fallow ground, and sow not among thorns. Circumcise yourselves to the LORD, and take away the foreskins of your heart, ye men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem: lest my fury come forth like fire, and burn that none can quench it, because of the evil of your doings.  Declare ye in Judah, and publish in Jerusalem; and say, Blow ye the trumpet in the land: cry, gather together, and say, Assemble yourselves, and let us go into the defenced cities. Set up the standard toward Zion: retire, stay not: for I will bring evil from the north, and a great destruction.

Jer 6:26  O daughter of my people, gird thee with sackcloth, and wallow thyself in ashes: make thee mourning, as for an only son, most bitter lamentation: for the spoiler shall suddenly come upon us.

Read all of Jeremiah Ch 4 here:

Read all of Jeremiah Ch 6 here:

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  1. Woa! Very, very,clear message from our LORD JESUS! The time has come, each passing day things wax worse. I pray for more time so many are not ready. Thank you JESUS, for these warnings for we are truly blessed by your patience, and thank you for reveling yourself through our sister Selina, whom has been selfless in her work. Amen.

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