Feb 12, 2012 – Dream: Galactic Federation

It is 3:30 a.m. on Sept 20, 2012, and I am urged by the Holy Spirit to post this dream on my blog.  I have it documented elsewhere on the web, I have made this dream public already.  I had this dream twice in a row, and both times the dream was identical.

On February 12, 2012, I received a dream that so alarmed me I could not sleep for days I was so upset by what I was shown.  In the dream, I saw a massive UFO mothership.  Inside the UFO were shipping containers that looked alot like black garbage cans.  Inside the garbage cans were humans of all ages inside.

They traveled to a barren planet; there was no life or vegitation at all.  The UFO opened up and released the humans from the sky onto the surface of the planet.  They tried to hang onto the rims of the garbage can so they would not fall, but they were not strong enough, and their grip slipped.  They were screaming – all of them.

Many of them died on impact.  Others were severly injured and screaming.  Still others fell and were not injured.  The uninjured survivors began savagely killing all of the injured, and once the injured were all dead – the uninjured people turned on eachother.

They were completely crazy with bloodlust, they were ripping eachother apart.  This was shown to me in horrifying graphic detail.

A “man” dressed all in white, appeared from nowhere and calmed them down.  He was not a man, but he looked like one.  He was a liar, he lied to them, and they believed everything he told them.  He said the reason they went crazy was because they were not yet on their home planet, but once they arrived to their home planet, everything would be ok.  Even though they were covered in blood and the dead lay at their feet, they believed everyword he said.

Later, I followed this man and found him hunting people who were hiding.  He was cold, he had no love in his heart, he was cruel.

Some time had passed within the dream, and I saw that the people were stranded there.  They were starving.  The dead lay around them drying up.  People were eating the dead and being fed strips of human flesh.  Some people were so weak they could not lift their arms to feed on the flesh.  Others crawled around on their knees, begging to be killed, but nobody listened.

I walked into a building and saw boys being raped by female aliens.  The boys were terrified and were helpless – they could not escape.  The overseers lied about the sperm, they had bad intentions.


The Lord has given me the courage to say these words and share this dream on my blog.  The dream was so devastatingly horrifying to me, much like the feeling I had in the dream about Quetzalcoatl (See: http://youtu.be/xKmHM2w-oZg ).  I wept for hours.  I lost my appetite.  I could not be comforted I was so upset.

The Lord has also given me the courage to share this as well:


ANY government or church organisation (to include the Catholic Church) who is in league with the Galactic Federation or anything having to do with “alien brotherhood” or whatever name these Fallen Angels will give themselves to the world – are taking part in murder, and are co-conspirators in murder, AND THEY ARE CONDEMNED.

See article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/the-pope/8009299/Pope-Benedict-XVIs-astronomer-the-Catholic-Church-welcomes-aliens.html

See article: http://mightytideofjustice.com/2010/09/17/breaking-news-catholic-church-says-theyll-baptize-aliens/

5 thoughts on “Feb 12, 2012 – Dream: Galactic Federation

  1. I see this dream as being symbolic and figurative right now but soon to be manifested literally. This world is most definitely not-prepared to see a manifestation of what is “already going on” behind the scenes. What is happening in the spirit realm is soon to show up in the natural realm and those who are brainwashed and blinded from the truth don’t stand a chance of keeping their sanity once they witness what’s about to come upon this world. It’s past time for people to wake up and it’s almost to late so keep shaking em’.

    • It’s almost too late is right…for us a few years seems like forever – but to God, time is of no consequence, for God the urgency is immediate, it’s now, it’s here. I pray people begin to see the truth about this “alien brotherhood” situation. Thanks for your comments PPD. Blessings.

  2. We need to come together brothers and sisters. We need to bind ourselves together, we need the same thinking processes,likemindedness. You know when I see a brother or sister put down a reading from the bible I go and make the effort to see, so I refresh my memory because each and everyone of us are very important in what they say and who they are. We need to show respect for each other, we need to learn about love and humility these are the traits JESUS showed us over and over again,through his apostles. Galatians 6:1-18. There is so much wisdom in these words. The Holy bible is a tidal wave of wisdom. Amen.

  3. Regarding the boys…twice I’ve listened to a “Coast to Coast” broadcast with the author of a book entitled “Missing”. (I’m sorry, don’t recall the author’s name). It dawned on me, while listening the second time, that melevent forces are behind these thousands of missing persons in our National Forests and wilderness areas in North America (to include Canada) The majority of the missing are young boys! And there’s a cover-up of these missing cases being excercised by the “powers that be”.

    • Vile and disgusting what is happening. Please pray with me for the safety of our children. The Lord reminds me often to pray for the children, they need prayer warfare type prayers, they are facing so much more than I ever did as a child, that’s for sure.

      God bless you, thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.

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