Sept 2-3, 2012 – More About Blasphemy (Sofia Spirit)

Journal Entries for Sept 2 and 3:

The spiritual realm is like a mine field; without the Holy Spirit dwelling within us and knowledge of the Scriptures, we cannot properly maneuver through that mine field.  The Bible is our manual, it’s our guide.  There’s meat in scripture.  Scripture contains meat, but the people want to eat spiritual cookies and candy which rots out their teeth. 

Blasphemy demons teach on television, causing people to profess to be wise in their own eyes, the televangelists; it amounts to the occult.  They are practicing witchcraft and using Scripture to hide behind many of them. The root of the spirit of blasphemy is deeply entrenched in our society – look at the plethora of books, movies, television show, commercials, music, art, childrens programming….the list goes on and on…blasphemy is LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.

There is powerful Deliverance taught in Scripture, but people choose to see Jesus with nails in His wrists, as if He is somehow not able to be released – He’s alive!  He has risen!  The Father has put death and all it’s power under the feet of Jesus. 

We are to abhor evil, even the garments that corrupt the flesh we are to tear them away from us!  All those who hold Bibles while blaspheming our Lord Jesus will be put to shame, they will be burned in the wrath of the Almighty God. 

Oh how I pray I stay close to my Bible, I don’t want to be separated from it, I will hide Scripture in my heart and in my mind, choosing to pray scripture, to speak scripture, and if the Lord blesses me – I pray I dream scripture more often than not.  His word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path – how I love the word of God – for it is Almighty God, YHVH Yeshua himself. 

What we need to understand is that just because we finish our prayer or we end our fast – this does not mean that the battle in the spiritual realm has stopped.  The battle is constant.  It won’t be finished until the Bema Judgment, when Satan, the False prophet, and the beast, and all their heretical blaspheming followers are thrown into the Lake of Fire once and for all. 

Jesus has won the war, yes – and our weapons of warfare are spiritual.   NO amount of arguing, getting angry, confronting someone to their face, shouting till we are blue in the face – none of that wins battles – our weapons are the Blood of Yeshua, the Name of Yeshua, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, the memorization of Scripture, praying without ceasing, and fasting.  This is how we defeat the spirit of blasphemy in all it’s many forms.

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7 thoughts on “Sept 2-3, 2012 – More About Blasphemy (Sofia Spirit)

  1. Dear brothers and sisters. 1Thess 5:1-28 is a great letter expressing these valuable words of sister Selina I absolutely agree with her. If there are people out there reading and watching her videos PLEASE come and write, who knows when these opportunities will be gone. I’ve learned so much, by study and reading the bible there is much food for thought, meditation, repentance. Anyways. God bless all those who yearn for his LOVE! Amen.

  2. More people need to see this information because this is exactly what we see these days. The “people of God” want to talk about everything except the word of God. They want to use every book except the word of God. They know what the preacher said, what the commentary said, what their friend said, and what momma said . . . but they are not hearing from the Lord at all!!! Amos 8:11
    Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:
    We are living in those exact days spoken of in the book of Amos. The worse part about it is . . . . Those of us who were supposed to know these days were coming – are the ones who are continuing to fall for these tricks and schemes of the devil. We all better take a long, hard, look at ourselves and make sure we’re still where we’re supposed to be because many have drifted away unknowingly. God bless all…

  3. Yes,very true it’s like theres a blockage,and when our FATHER IN HEAVEN says he’ll do he will do!! We need to believe more so we need to understand that HE is all POWERFUL and we can do this by PROVING ALL THINGS including HIS WORDS which he invites us to do. We need to challenge the people in our lives, including our selves, and it can get down right ugly. WOW! We all have a cross to bare, we all have our excuses, seems we are ready with cliches. The end times are here suddenly, and WOW! we are not ready. IT IS A CONSTANT BATTLE! For sure. Every human being on this planet was born a sinner. I’ve my own axe to grind,and it gives me great comfort to see that there are other people whom I can share and learn with, we need each other support, we need to lift each other up, we need to GLORIFY GODS WORDS! THANK YOU LORD JESUS for having shown me the way you are such a good shepard and thank you for such good people at this site. Amen.

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