Sept 5, 2012 – Dream: Something Medical

In this dream I was in a government medical building of some sort and people were gettting their blood drawn and having it tested.  There was talk of smears, feces smears, test strips, etc. I noticed in the dream packages of food, deli sandwiches, things like that. 

packaged sandwich

Then, I repeated something I’d heard; I heard someone say, “I told you I wanted it to be permanent!”

I believe this has something to do with the captivity.  When I woke, I received these words:


Whomsoever believeth on Him


A Child


The words I received are all found in Scripture:

“Spirit – breath of Life, H5397”

“John 3:16”

“Undivided – Ehud, H164”

“A child – Mat 11:25, G3516”