Sept 6, 2012 – Dream: Season of Hatred

In this dream I was talking to a female member of my family who has recently gone astray, let’s call her Claudia.  I told her, “Do you understand that you’ve never had the love of Jesus in your heart? You are a Pharisee, a Pharisee!  All these years you’ve spent treating our family like we’re nothing to you, ignoring us, making me and our family feel like you’re better than us!  You don’t have Jesus!!”  I said it just like that I was so angry with her.  I could see her gesturing and see her mouth moving in reply.

I said, “You will be SILENT!  I will not speak to you! You have no right or authority to speak to me that way, you shut your mouth!”  That’s what I said in the dream….


After recording this brief description, I noted this in my journal:

Now, there were some interesting things that happened in the dream.  First of all, I was in bed with my husband, so this is symbolic imagery of being in Covenant with Yeshua.  I’m in a covenant bed with Him.  In that dream, He had his arms around me.  He wanted me to just be in his arms with Him, all the while understanding why I was upset at Claudia. 

But something interesting – if she was saying something back to me in the dream, I couldn’t hear her because I had earplugs on.  But the understanding I was given was that she was accusing me of not being a true Hispanic because I don’t speak the language very well.  This speaks to the scripture that states “the letter killeth.”  (See 2Co 3:6)

Then the dream changed from that scene, to this:

I went to the room where she was at, because I wanted to talk to her face to face, when she saw me she got scared.  She jumped like she was startled.  She said, “I’m really busy right now,” but I responded, “I don’t care if you’re busy, I have things to say! Do you understand that you’ve NEVER had the love of Jesus?! You are a HATED PHARISEE!”  

Also – there was something about the music, I couldn’t get the music to turn off.  Finally, I found the volume button, or the button that was controlling the volume – because I remember that I unplugged the radio in the dream and it still wouldn’t shut off.  I even opened up the tape deck and the cd disc drawer and they were empty, yet the radio was BLASTING music. 

Ok, so then towards the end, I was talking to her (my role being symbolic of Jesus), as if I was looking directly into her eyes, but I couldn’t see her, that was the other thing, this is a reference to not being “found,” Rev 20:15.  And even though I was angry, towards the end of the dream I realized that what I was actually doing was pleading with her to mend her ways.  I kept pleading, “Do you understand??  You’ve NEVER had the love of Jesus!  You’re a Pharisee, you’re a hated Pharisee, an adulterer, nobody loves the Pharisees, nobody!” 


This is the understanding the Lord revealed to me:

He said the Pharisee spirit is rooted in paganism.  The reason why in the first part of the dream, I couldn’t see her and the reason why my ears were plugged was because I was being shielded from the doctrines of the Pharisees.  The radio that was unplugged but was still playing is symbolic of witchcraft.  But when I met with her face to face, my role then was symbolic of Jesus having a Face to face meeting with the disobedient…

He said this dream is not about a particular person, but rather about the Pharisee spirit was a whole.  And my husband symbolically represented Jesus in this dream. He said, this time period that we are living in is called THE SEASON OF HATRED

There was a wall in the dream.  Jesus and I were behind the wall and the Pharisee was on the other side.  The Lord said, they busy themselves with the things of the world.  They busy themselves with nothing, that’s the analogy.  The Lord said, they are satanically cursed and the eventual judgment upon them is that they will be DRIVEN from the people, the way the Lord drove the moneychangers out from the Temple.  With a scourge He will do this.  With a rod on their backs. 

The Lord reminded me there was garbage on the floor and said, MEET FOR THE FIRE, and the shame that they will receive is great.   He wants me to admonish the people to beseech the council of the Lord.  To search the scriptures for the answers, not the internet.

He gave me the words to share:

Jesus Christ is our Savior.  He is our King and our God.  We are to entreat His council the way Esther walked into the throneroom to speak to the king.  We keep ourselves pure, we prepare our hearts and our spirits to speak to Him, and when we do, we speak boldly, we ask because He wants to minister to us, but we have to be willing to go through the process of adornment, the process of purity, of chastity, the process of anointing ourselves with the things of God to make ourselves look beautiful in His sight.  We entreat His council and no other.  The people are not doing this, they seek after the things of the world because they cannot hear Jesus.  They cannot hear Jesus because they are listening to the things of the world. 


In the dream I had earplugs on.  This is also symbolic of my current lifestyle – I have chosen to separate myself from the media almost entirely.  I only listen to the people the Lord leads me to, and that is an extremely small number of people, I’m talking I can count them on one hand.  And I only do that at the leading of the Holy Spirit.  If I wake up with a certain brother or sister on my mind, THEN I go and find the latest broadcast or article or youtube video.  Not before, only after the Lord speaks to my heart saying, “Go here or go there.”  Even though I had earplugs on I could hear Jesus speaking to me, he was saying, “Stay with me, stay in my bosom,” but I couldn’t hear the Pharisee at all.  When my Husband looked at me, he had a smile on his face and he put his arms around me.  Being in the bed symbolizes an agreement that has been made between myself and Yeshua.  That I will love no other, that I will seek counsel with no other, that I will remain undefiled.  It’s covenant with Jesus.


The Bride of Christ remains in the Covenant bed with Yeshua.  She entreats His counsel and His counsel only.  The Bride is faithful to her Husband.  The Bride adorns herself with reverence, and with spiritual preparation.  The Bride listens to the Voice of the Bridegroom.  Amen.  (See video Bride of Christ: )


Scriptural Reference:

Heb 13:4  Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.


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3 thoughts on “Sept 6, 2012 – Dream: Season of Hatred

  1. Dear sister Selina such a beautiful song in the video Bride of Christ. Very nice! The ” season of hatred” not good it’s been waxing for sometime now, I have so many of these same problems with the people of my life. It is becoming so hard to deal with them in every way, twisting, and turning, pleading all the time, about cursing,mocking,joking about GODS ways I so HATE it. So many hearts with petrification just can’t seem to peel the bark off. UNWILLING!! Getting very tried of them unbending stalks,will not waste any more words. The time is coming, got to make a break from it. It’s so BAD! IM SO SAD!!! Buckets of tears I’m afraid. May his love sink to very core of those hearts,those hearts that truly battle with this hateful world. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS ON THIS FINE DAY. AMEM.

  2. WOW!!! Thanks for sharing sister!! Another dream that just confirms the times and the season that we are witnessing. God bless you always!!

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