Sept 26, 2012 – Dream: Rise of Islam

In this dream, I was shown something regarding the rise of Islam.  I was sitting at a table with a little girl on my lap.  The little girl was Persian and she kept saying to me, “I want read Quran, I want read Quran.”  In a motherly tone, I said, “No, we’re not going to read Quran, we’re going to read the Bible.”  When I looked up, I noticed there was a man standing near us, but he could not see us.  So I began reading the Bible to the little girl, and I believe I began with Genesis.  I described thunder and lightening play-acting the sounds to the little girl, and she seemed to really enjoy that.  Then, I turned to the book of Esther and began reading from it.

At this point, my role in the dream changed, and I found myself with the understanding that I had received information and instruction about Esther.  I took a seat next to my grandmother, and as I tied my shoes on my feet, she said, “Oh I don’t like it when you leave so late!”  And I replied, “I’m sorry, but I have to go grandma.”  


But she was adamant, saying, “I know, but I don’t like it WHEN YOU LEAVE SO LATE.  PRAY! PRAY! ALWAYS PRAY!”  And I said, “Yes grandma, I will pray.”  And the dream ended.


The Lord provided the interpretation of the dream for me:

The man represents HATRED. He is the Haman of the dream.  I was being shielded, hidden from his view as I taught this little girl about Jesus.

The little girl represents the Rise of Islam in the Western World.  Now is the time to seek out muslims if you know them, and give them a Bible.  Pray for Muslims that they give their hearts to Jesus.

I represent Christianity and those who hold fast to their faith and deny the Quran and Islmic teachings.  Hold Fast!!

My reading from the Book of Esther in the dream represents the Bride of Christ, the 144,000, and the importance of spiritually preparing and adorning ourselves to entreat the Lord to save us from the Haman of Islam.

My putting on shoes represents those who are shodding their feet to spread the Gospel to a dying world.  See Eph 6:15.

Then I received a word from the Lord, He spoke to my spirit saying:



Link to Psalm 91:

A Warning about Chrislam:

4 thoughts on “Sept 26, 2012 – Dream: Rise of Islam

  1. Dear, elect sister. I had a dream I was a bedroom old it was, seedy place, I woke up in bed holering at this person who was in bed with me, crying out at the top of my lungs WAKE UP! WAKE UP! No chance. ( didnt know the person) and I looked up at the wall in front of me, there was old huge mirror on a dresser very old, and beside it on the wall was a crucifix which at that very moment fell off the wall and at the same time a world wall map materialized and floated and set it self over the mirror on dresser. I got out of bed to see if I could find the crucifix but the room was littered with garbage and filth it seemed to get worse and then I woke up. So I got up because sleep time was over praying as I went. Got my iPad to see if you had maybe put something up and sure enough, THE RISE OF ISLAM! WOW!! THANK YOU LORD JESUS!! GOD BLESS ALL!!

  2. It seems I’m compelled to put this down tonight, there’s a lot of commotion, helicopters and chaos outside it seem crazy. All this on the sabbath,Exodus20:8-11 is this not what our Father in heaven asked of us. Dear sister forgive me for using your page as an outlet. I was praying may be you could do a lesson on this matter. Our lord Jesus kept the sabbath Luke4:16-18 you see the spirit is upon you dear sister also. Acts13:43 urge you in the grace of God. I thank you for spirit filled inspiration and I do like your presentations they to me are very good. Anyways. My prayers are with you dear sister. Love and understanding on this weekly sabbath. God bless you and yours.Amen.

    • It’s no trouble at all, please feel free to comment, you always have such great insight to what you are sharing. I’m truly blessed to have you comment on my blog. A sabbath teaching would be an excellent addition to my dream diary. God bless you too. Amen.

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