Sept 8, 2012 – Dreams: Righteous Judge

On this night, I had quite a few dreams.  These dreams I am going to briefly describe where given to me around 4 a.m., and I received them one right after the other:

Dream: I was going through the laundry in a very brief dream.  I found $23.00 in a pocket and I gave it back to its owner saying I wanted nothing of it.   (The analogy here is that the owner of the $23 represents both Freemasonry and the disobedient rebels. See also:

Dream: The Lord came to me saying, “I’m giving you a timeline; this is how it will go down.  Don’t worry, this is something between Me and them.  They are the unsaved and the Gospel heretics.”

Dream:  I saw a fire and a large wood round was being placed on the coals, and when that happened, I heard a tremendous fire burst!  (The sound in the dream was alot like when you take a match to a pool of gasoline, that WHOOSH sound it makes.) What I realized in the dream is that I could only see a small portion of the flames, because the round almost completely sheilded me from being able to see the fire.   (The analogy here is that the Obedient will be aware that Judgment has commenced, but we will be shielded and protected from it, yet be entirely aware of what is going on and we will be giving God all the praise, for truly His Judgments are Righteous.)


In connection with these three dreams, the Lord reminded me of two other dreams I had, where I previously made videos about and these will serve as Scriptural Interpretation.  They are:

Looters and the Foolish Virgin: 

Dividing Hands of God: 

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