Oct 4, 2012: Dreams: Warning Spiritual Matters

Words received from the Lord upon waking:

Spiritual Matters

Ok, the way this all started was with a dream, that I no longer remember. The minute I woke up, the Lord started speaking urgently to me.  I didn’t record the first few words because I was still in that very sleepy state upon waking.  They were words of warning.  This is about the antichrist coming against God’s people.  I received the words, “I saw a rabbit,” which reminds me of the constellation Lepus.   In Mazzaroth, Lepus represents “the enemy of Him who cometh.”

So this is about witchcraft and the antichrist….something is going on….(I began praying)…”In Jesus Name, Father I just ask that you break all the curses against God’s people, break curses that the enemy is trying to pour out on Your people, don’t let us be shamed, don’t let our enemies triumph over us.”

As I reviewed the recordings on my Notecorder, I could hear myself whispering in a halting, almost “crying out” kind of way, “Jesus…Jesus….oh Jesus…” In my opinion, I sounded scared…

Then I woke and recorded these words:

I had a dream that I was on an airplane.  There was a man who was flying through the airplane as if gravity had gotten a hold of him.  He was falling through the center isle and everyone who was standing in the isle got out of the way.  Finally a man came up to him and knocked him down.  In the dream I was pregnant, that’s what I’m understanding.  And the man kept trying to attack me; each time he did, someone would knock him down when he tried.  That man would not take his eyes off me.  He had an unblinking crazy look on his face.

My role in the dream changed; I got up and for some reason I had a gun, and I said, “Someone grab hold of that man and handcuff both his wrists to the chair there.”   I said, “I’m sorry but you are a detriment and you have to be controlled.”

This dream is different from the first (the one I don’t remember).

The Lord keeps saying to me, “You were in a delicate condition.  The man made advances towards you.  You stepped into a role in the dream.” The Lord said, “I have a heart for the humble.”  

…I’m being given a little bit of understanding…the act of standing up with the gun and putting handcuffs on the man is symbolic of “binding the enemy”  that we have been given the power and the authority to bind the enemy.   The name the Lord gave me is Beelzebub.  I continued asking Yeshua about the dream and the word He gave me was “Locusts.”  ….so I wonder if that word is pointing me to the “Locust Army” of the Bible.

…ok more understanding…the reason why the man was flying through the isle, was because the plane was in a downward position, like a nose dive, and he was freefalling through the center isle.  People were “making way” for him as he passed by.   I asked the Lord what the meaning of the plane is, and He said, “United in Him. Scripture.  The planes’ nose dive means society is going downhill.  The fourth generation.  The crazy eyes symbolize the zombies.”  So, the man in the dream had this blank stare, a crazy look in his eyes, he represented a zombie, which to me means spiritual devastation.


Then I recorded another dream:

In this dream, I was inside a car looking out of the window, and I witnessed something.  I saw a major, major paradigm shift in the spiritual realm.

I saw people standing along a street, here and there.  They were frozen in time, eyes wide open, staring. Then the shift took place.  The only way I can describe it is by saying that it was like looking at something without binoculars, and then putting the binoculars over my eyes and seeing everything I was looking at suddenly become larger than life and close up, but everything around me stayed the same.

I saw Michelle Obama standing in front of a telephone pole.  She too was “frozen in time,” just staring.   After the shift she became larger than life, and she began robotically looking around.   She saw me in the car, I tried to hide from her, but she just changed positions and continued to stare at me.

Michelle the Mannequin

I saw other people too, they also all had “the stare” – they were nicely dressed, they didn’t look like bums or anything like that.  Wealthy people.  They were all LARGER THAN LIFE after the shift, they looked like giants to me.  There was a larger than life police officer, a woman, who came with a black bag, she wanted to start making arrests.  A small group of people came to her saying, “You told us when you come, we were to say this isn’t really you, you don’t really want to do this;  But the police officer said, “I have to, I can’t help myself, I have to.”


In the next dream, I found myself with a small group of people, Christians; someone was taking video from an old fashioned camera, like an old Nikon, teal in color.  As soon as he was done taking video on camera, the man tried to make a quick getaway.  I saw him and said, “Did he just take video of us?” And the reply was “Yes, he does it all the time.”  I chased after him, I wanted to delete the video, backtrack it, erase it somehow.

At some point I found myself holding the camera and hitting the rewind button; even though the film rewound I could not delete the file, so I kept it where it remained, somewhere back in time that’s where I left it.  Then if he decided to film again, he would then film over the other stuff.

As I recorded this, I received a word: IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM

The dream changed, and I saw a place, a strange looking fortress.  I was shown the inside; inside there was a man.  He was wealthy, but he had run out of all his money. As he changed his clothes, he complained that his wife had spent it all.  The man had an air of hostility about him.  He was very hostile, it was a kind of rage.  There was a woman there, she sat with two other people.  She had been given an unusual box of candy, everything in it was very old.  Hard, stale, shriveled candy.  The box was open and they ate whatever was edible inside and the remainder thrown on the floor.  Then I saw someone reach for it, to see if there was anything they could find that was good.


The only understanding I have with regards to these dreams is that something major, a major spiritual shift is about to take place; it is somehow in relation to the antichrist, the Luciferians, the Freemasons, The Denver Airport, the occult, the coming economic crash, and people, perhaps people in the political arena being succeptable to demonic habitation.  In time, we will see all of these spiritual matters manifest in the physical realm.  I honestly believe even the most strong Christians out there will see things taking place and feel some fear, I mean it would only be natural to…

Also, I found this: “paradigm shift” is defined as a “series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions,” and in those revolutions “one conceptual world view is replaced by another.”

Pastor David Wilkersen, before he died gave a prophesy some years ago: He said, (paraphrased) “There comes a time to be afraid, and a time to weep; and then there comes a time to stand up and fight.”

I also received a furious word from the Lord and brief vision this morning, which I will post shortly in a different blog entry.

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3 thoughts on “Oct 4, 2012: Dreams: Warning Spiritual Matters

  1. The HS often will speak to me with a song. I believe this song was pointed out to Me;
    1. Encamped along the hills of light,
    Ye Christian soldiers, rise,
    And press the battle ere the night
    Shall veil the glowing skies.
    Against the foe in vales below,
    Let all our strength be hurled;
    Faith is the victory, we know,
    That overcomes the world.

    2. His banner over us in love,
    Our sword the Word of God;
    We tread the road the saints above
    With shouts of triumph trod.
    By faith they, like whirlwind’s breath,
    Swept on o’er ev’ry field;
    The faith by which they conquered death
    Is still our shining shield.

    3. To him who overcomes the foe
    White raiment shall be giv’n;
    Before the angels he shall know
    His name confessed in heav’n.
    Then onward from the hills of light,
    Our hearts with love aflame;
    We’ll vanquish all the hosts of night,
    In Jesus’ conq’ring name.

    Faith is the victory!
    Faith is the victory!
    Oh, glorious victory
    That overcomes the world.

    The Lord impressed upon me several years ago that the end times would unfold in a manner unforeseen by students of prophecy – that includes christians and the powers of darkness. I’m going to run this by you for consideration(I’ve been trying to understand what God seems to be teaching me. I’m not saying I’m sure about this.) : the Bride will experience a change. Vs3 talks about this event. While this is occurring, the world will be frozen in time. After her – graduation – the bride will be again on the earth. But she will now be the shining ones of Daniel 12. I do not know what will be the fate of the children at this time but I suspect that they will still be here. Only the bride will know what has happened. There will be a spiritual shift at that time. Many who now consider themselves saved will loose the indwelling HS. and be cut off from the body of Christ. Psalm 91 will be lived out in the godly ones here on the earth. At the end of -?- (I’m guessing some time in 2015) , when the 2 witnesses are taken up to heaven ,the rapture – as currently understood by the Am. protestant church – will happen. I believe that all children under a certain age will also be removed from the earth then, but I can’t “prove” it. I’m not saying I “know” all this for sure but I’m listening. You Selina, have been given amazing insight into the spiritual realm and give us guidance to better know how to pray! My heart is sad too. But I remind myself that these times are compared to childbirth – a terrible experience but so worth it in the end. I have been doing a study on the sovereignty of God and it comforts me. Sorry this is so long. I’ve never meet you but I love you sister. Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you for sharing dear sister Julie. I’ve come to really trust this wonderful blog, for in my heart I know there is wisdom being put forth, the people who frequent it are truly inspired by the holy spirit. Thank you and God our father in Heaven bless all of us through the love of Jesus Christ I pray for his guidance however it may come.Amen.

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