Oct 13, 2012 – Dream: Sins of our Fathers

This blog posting is an update to the original, found here: http://wp.me/p2CV0l-1hS 


The reason for this amended blog posting of this dream is because a sister in Christ called me today, she received understanding of something sinister taking place in senior care centers that is of a spiritual nature.  As she told me her story, I was given understanding to my dream, described below.

The understanding is provided in italics:


I saw older people, seniors.  I had seen them in their home and noticed that they were defacating in a box lined with newspaper.  They had an old fashioned urinal sitting next to the box,  it was old fashioned looking ceramic urinal.  Everyone was sharing this one bathroom that was set up this way.  Perhaps what I was shown was a nursing home or a senior center, something along those lines, but it reminded me of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Soon after, I went outside and saw the seniors: they were all sitting on a truck bed.  They seemed completely oblivious to their situation, they had blankets and were smiling.  I saw a group of people looking at them in the truck bed and someone pointed at them.



The generation that was depicted in the dream is the generation that witnessed the Holocaust,  represented by the shared facilities.  Thier generation has a common sin, which is represented by the shared old fashioned ceramic urinal.  Their sin was turning a blind eye to the newspaper headlines of the day that Jews were being slaughtered in Europe.  They knew what was happening, which is represented by the finger pointing. The smiles and oblivion represent the fact they are not aware that thier day of Judgment is at the doors.  The feces is a symbolic representation of demonic manifestation, caused by their turning a blind eye to the headlines.  The truck symbolises being taken over by demonic forces.     

Overall, here is the understanding:

The Lord is not willing that any should perish, by showing me this what He is saying is they need urgent prayer to repent of this sin.  He wants to forgive them and protect them, because truly what is coming, IS MUCH WORSE than what we are already witnessing with regard to the demonic. Think “spiritual storm troopers.”


Right now the Lord is giving me prayer warfare songs like, There is power, wonder working power in the Blood of the Lamb, and In the Name of Jesus, we have the victory!….

We need to be praying for our elders and the infirmed, the sick, etc….Because they are coming under severe, harsh attack, and it is going to cause many of them to stumble.  It doesn’t matter if they are not our personal family…we need to be lifting up ALL the elders…in accordance with the will of the Lord, that as many repent and be protected as possible.

Plead the Blood of Jesus over them, this is what I am receiving right now.  Please join me in prayer, and remember to continue praying this, repeatedly over the coming years; when you pray, remember to also sing prayer warfare songs, this is the way I entreat the Father in prayer, and it is truly a blessing to us both.

Scriptural Reference:

Jas 5:16  Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

5 thoughts on “Oct 13, 2012 – Dream: Sins of our Fathers

  1. Thank you sister, what a confirmation again. I have been praying these warfare prayers and songs for over a month now, pleading the blood of Yeshua over me and my family. The spiritual attacks on me have increased and thats why I´m doing it before going to sleep. But I will extend it now to my neighbours and older people, to anyone the Lord leads me to.

  2. The blind eye is the insanity of not recognizing that’s our brother…when Cain answered back to God am I my brother’s keeper? What was that all about?

    We are not keepers of one another but love matters..being available in spirit matters. (prayers from the heart ).to those being oppressed.

    • Even the Jewish people of Europe were asking, why isn’t America standing up and saying anything about this? The only reason why we became involved in the war is because of Pearl Harbor. Otherwise we would have continued pretending nothing was happening. How terrible. God bless you, thanks for commenting. =)

  3. A good word sister. I’ll join you in prayer for our elders. I wonder if we’ll be held accountable for not doing more to stop abortions too!

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