Oct 14, 2012 (Audio) Word: Warning About Zumba

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Early this morning while in prayer (3 a.m. ish) the Lord was ministering to me about a few different subjects.  One of them was Zumba.  There is a warning that was given to me:


Yesterday during story time with gradeschool children, I was reading from a Children’s Bible about the prophets of the Old Testament and how they stood in front of the people warning them, sometimes even shouting at them, about the coming Judgments of God.  As I did, I wondered if the Lord would ever call me to minister in this manner.  I believe I have received my answer.

I will be praying on this word prior to doing this, but it’s on my heart to meet with Zumba studio owners in my area to warn them about the spiritual dangers of their business.  The Lord ministered to my spirit saying that I would be facing STRONG OPPOSITION.  That’s the word He gave me.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Scriptural Reference:

Mat 13:18 “So listen to what the parable of the sower means.
Mat 13:19 Whoever hears the message about the Kingdom, but doesn’t understand it, is like the seed sown along the path — the Evil One comes and seizes what was sown in his heart.
Mat 13:20 The seed sown on rocky ground is like a person who hears the message and accepts it with joy at once,
Mat 13:21 but has no root in himself. So he stays on for a while; but as soon as some trouble or persecution arises on account of the message, he immediately falls away.
Mat 13:22 Now the seed sown among thorns stands for someone who hears the message, but it is choked by the worries of the world and the deceitful glamor of wealth, so that it produces nothing.

Mat 13:23 However, what was sown on rich soil is the one who hears the message and understands it; such a person will surely bear fruit, a hundred or sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

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6 thoughts on “Oct 14, 2012 (Audio) Word: Warning About Zumba

  1. Amen—pray your spiritual warfare prayers and anoint yourself w/ oil before approaching them—-Blessings!

  2. Selina, You have God given courage and courage seems to be the most lacking virtue of Christians these day. Don’t you love David vs. the bully Goliath? All bullies are the same and we lambs have been conditioned to tolerate every evil and say nothing. It is time to speak up!
    Love and Prayers Dahling!

    • Thank you, I don’t feel very courageous, lol I wonder sometimes why I’m doing this! =) It’s been a blessing, but it’s also very exhausting too. I worry alot about the blog and my brothers and sisters, and all of the other people who don’t share the same understading. I really worry. Thank you for your encouragment sister.

  3. Do not worry dear Selina, hand over all your worries to YAHWEH who is well able to take care of it all. It may not seem like something to you but GOD is using you to reach out to lots of us all over the world. My husband and I pray on the topics given to you by Our God, and some of them are confirmations of the same dreams and words given to me earlier by God. So be strong sister and never give up. We are praying eith you and for you. Yahweh bless you,

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