Oct 17, 2012 – Word: It Is Critical

Today as I continued in prayer seeking the Lord on the things He has shown me, He helped me to understand that it is absolutely critical that we all do our very best to bring any UNRESOLVED ISSUES OF SIN before the Throne. He said IT IS CRITICAL.

Lately I’ve noticed that during prayer He has brought forth to my remembrance sins that I have committed in my past, sometimes even things long forgotten, things dating all the way back to my childhood that He wants me to take before the Throne to ask for forgiveness, and let Yeshua know I will turn away from all unrighteousness. And I have had to humble myself and plead with the Lord, asking for forgiveness for sins known and unknown, willful sins and also unintentional sins.

Right now the Illuminati are forging ahead, they are moving forward like a warship in rough waters, and they are placing hexes and curses upon the people of God. These things are real, and if we do not have our lives in order, if we do not bring everything before the Throne, humbling ourselves and pleading with our Heavenly Father, to forgive our sins, through Yeshua Jesus’ love, sinning no more, then we have no one to blame but ourselves when the spiritual battle comes knocking at our doors, and we don’t know what to do! The spirit of confusion will overpower anyone who is not decked completely and fully in the Full Armor of God. It is about living a righteous life, not about saying, “I put on the helmet” – putting on the helmet means knowing scripture, it means knowing without doubting who our Redeemer, YHVH Yeshua, is.

Simply put:

Eph 6:11 – We know that we know that we know who our Redeemer is, without doubting, full faith in the Lord
Eph 6:12 – Our battle is with Demonic Warriors, Spiritual Evils, Witchcraft
Eph 6:13 – The evil day – the Day of Judgment!
Eph 6:14 – Loins girt with Truth (we aren’t controlled by the sexual lusts of the flesh); breastplate (Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, have no other gods before Him);
Eph 6:15 – Feet shod – (We go where He tells us to go, boldly ministering the Gospel to whom He tells us)
Eph 6:17 – Sheild of Faith (Never doubt, doubt brings sin, it is only by Faith we can please the Lord); firey darts (evil thoughts, feelings, and desires placed in our minds that are not of our own and not of God)
Eph 6:17 – Helmet of Salvation (We Know Scripture well enough to easily identify truth from lies, it is both our mental protection and our weapon, when we speak the Truth, the Word of God):
Eph 6:18 – All prayer and supplication (including repentance), praying without ceasing for all of God’s people everywhere by the power of the Holy Spirit

The battle is fierce! The demons we are dealing with are not the usual kind, they are ancient demons, so new spiritual territory that most of us have no comprehension of. When they attack us, it is felt in our spiritual bodies, I know this because I have witnessed this in the spiritual realm.

Recently, the Lord has shown me the special Holy Warrior Angels He has trained and called to protect God’s people during these final hours. They are massive, fierce warriors, Holy unto our King of Kings…but the thing that people don’t understand is that they need our help – yes, they do! When the Lord places a scripture or song in your heart, recite it, sing it, because most likely there is a battle taking place pertaining to you specifically¬†that you cannot see with your physical eyes, but it is raging behind the veil that separates the physical from the spiritual. The scripture and song releases the Power of God into our lives! Amen, glory to God!

I pray this message blesses you.

10 thoughts on “Oct 17, 2012 – Word: It Is Critical

  1. I have felt lead to pray for the angels who watch over my family for the past several months but I had no idea why! There’s so much we don’t understand! So important to obey the Spirit even though it makes no sense to us! Blessings to you!

    • Giving thanks to the Lord for the obedience and steadfastness of the Holy Angels is something I am beginning to do. Because I believe that they are faced with the same temptations that made the fallen angels fall (the beauty and lure of a daughter of man), and yet they hold fast. I’m so thankful for that. The thing is…we don’t understand that the songs we sing, the dances we dance, the desires we vocalize all have meaning and power and resonate in the spiritual realm. The beautiful women who dance lustful dances and sing songs that give glory to worldly lusts – they are inticing spirits in the spiritual realm, not just humans in the physical realm. Everything we do here on earth resonates in and effects the spiritual realm.
      God bless you sister. =)

  2. Sometimes after reading your blog I feel so overwhelmed with love for our LORD Yahushua, and for you. I feel like hugging you cause you just put into words my Yah’s ministrations to me. I do not know how to express this but I sure know you understand. You are a blessing to me, may you remain strong in YAHWEH. I love you sis, hugs and kisses.

  3. Hallelujah! Thank you sister for this message–it confirms somethings that I have been seeing and I have been in constant prayer over it. This message is an answer from the Lord to me! I thank the Lord Yeshua for you! Many, many blessings to you, sister!

  4. Thank you for you love and guidance, I been feeling the attacks. So much negative energy – people seem more possessed, evermore lost in the deception. I feel the witchcraft being poured out as well. Terrible, I can’t believe all the evil out there. Blows me away. Thank you for your work and words…so needed and enriching. A greater apostasy is here, I feel it everywhere, with my family the most. I feel like a stranger in the world. It’s crazy but this is the path! We are so blessed ! Much love

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