Oct 18, 2012 – Dream: This is Coming!

I have received an urgent warning from our Lord Jesus about alien abduction.  This is what I have been shown:

The understanding I have received is that it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that we repent, and turn away from all unrighteousness.  Lately I’ve noticed that during prayer He has brought forth to my remembrance sins that I have committed in my past, sometimes even things long forgotten, things dating all the way back to my childhood that He wants me to take before the Throne to ask for forgiveness, and let Yeshua know I will turn away from all unrighteousness. And I have had to humble myself and plead with the Lord, asking for forgiveness for sins known and unknown, willful sins and also unintentional sins.

Right now the Illuminati are forging ahead, they are moving forward like a warship in rough waters, and they are placing hexes and curses upon the people of God. These things are real, and if we do not have our lives in order, if we do not bring everything before the Throne, humbling ourselves and pleading with our Heavenly Father, to forgive our sins, through Yeshua Jesus’ love, SINNING NO MORE, then we have no one to blame but ourselves when the spiritual battle comes knocking at our doors, and we don’t know what to do! The spirit of confusion will overpower anyone who is not decked completely and fully in the Full Armor of God. It is about living a righteous life.

Abstain from all appearances of evil!  Stop watching garbage movies, turn off your HDTVs, in fact, DESTROY THEM, get them out of your homes!  We must spend our time drawing near and close to our Jesus!  What I was shown is truly terrifying, please tell whomever you know.  Those Alien Genre movies are spiritual catastrophes, they lead us astray, please stop watching them!

Instead, watch this video done by a man named Joe Jordan.  He is a Christian man, and a former MUFON Field investigator.  He discovered that CRYING OUT THE NAME OF JESUS STOPS ALIEN ABDUCTION.

Joe Jordan, Unholy Communion video:  http://vimeo.com/5902168

This Is Coming! Alien Abductions video:  http://youtu.be/ygQRAZzhy1Q

Please share this information with all that you know.  The word the Lord gave me is:  THIS IS COMING!

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  1. Agree 100% on this, this will be a great deception for many. May God open their eyes to the truth. Thank You Selena

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