Apr – Oct 2012: Wonderful Dreams

I know it sounds very strange, that I am hesitant to share the wonderful dreams that I have received from our Lord Jesus Christ; I am having a very difficult time sharing them. In truth, they are so deeply personal, and so rich in passion, love, and joy, that I see them as the pearls of great measure I need to carefully guard. Because of that, I will be brief, and just simply summarize some of the things I have experienced with the King of Dreams, YHVH Yeshua:

After receiving my pascal lamb inspection (dream date April 1 2012, see: http://wp.me/p2CV0l-Vr), where I was pronounced “holy, pure, a virgin, untouched and intact,” Yeshua has approached me to speak very kindly and gently to me, within the context of the dreams and the Dream Covenant that I have entered into with Him. Sometimes Yeshua sings to me. Sometimes He plays piano for me, and once He and I sat under a large tree and I listened to Him play guitar for me.  Sometimes we go for long walks together, sometimes we dance in the rain, and on the clouds.

Most of the time He teaches me. I have seen star charts in dreams, and also what can only be described as a children’s Scripture wheel, complete with drawings of ancient homes, temples, warriors, and people of the Bible.  He is opening up the parables to me, privately, as He did with his disciples, He always entreated  them in private, Mat 24:3, Luk 10:23.  It is the ministry of the Holy Spirit who dwells in each of us.

In the dreams, the Lord has taken me to the heavens; I have been shown the constellations, nebulas, and the endless stars He has made; the universe is truly an amazing place! He points them out to me, teaching me about them one by one and their deep spiritual significance. He said, they are the heritage of His People Jacob. He speaks of Jacob often in the dreams.

After revealing the final Temple to me (ministered to me as understanding), it’s cleansing and anointing with oil, He said, “The name of Jacob is Victorious! David breaks forth in song, and Jacob rejoices!”

In the dreams, Yeshua has opened His heart to me and revealed deeply intimate things; He is in love with His People, His Bride. His passionate love for His people knows absolutely no boundaries.  Yeshua’s laughter is like a joyful symphony, like the Ode to Joy and His voice sounds like harmononious melodies; soft and sweet, gentle like a lamb.

His pain is revealed as well in the dreams. He is in such agony over the sins of His people, as I have described before in previous posts; to be touched by Yeshua’s pain is excruciating for me, and in the dreams I weep with Him.

He loves it when His people sing praise to Him. He said it is like receiving an embrace from His children. He lives in our praises, they bring Yeshua so much pleasure and joy. He says He keeps close watch over His people; our Lord will not lose a one of us.

He counsels me one on one. In the dreams, Yeshua does most of the talking, and I listen. When I do speak, it is either to answer His questions, or to ask a question. The Lord says I ask Him a great many questions, and each dream, no matter how brief, is an answer to the questions I ask.

Remember how Yeshua, when He walked amongst the people, how some of His behaviors seemed as if He was ignoring the people, specifically the Pharisees? Like the day He drew the line in the sand? He showed me what that was in a dream I had just a few days ago, the behavior can be described as “Self Assured.” He need not argue with them or anyone. He and the Father are One.

There is so much more….There are many other dreams I have not mentioned on this blog that are equally as wonderful and bit by bit, I will try my best to share them, hopefully in greater detail and with the audio from my Notecorder so you can hear it “firsthand” so to speak, if I can figure out how to attach it.

Thank you Heavenly Father, for entreating me with such kindness, and for loving your people so dearly. May Your Name be praised for ever and evermore. Amen.


Scriptural Reference:

Psa 147:19-20  He sheweth his word unto Jacob, his statutes and his judgments unto Israel.   He hath not dealt so with any nation: and as for his judgments, they have not known them. Praise ye the LORD.

11 thoughts on “Apr – Oct 2012: Wonderful Dreams

  1. Thanks for sharing all of this—-I know Yeshua loves you so much—and his children who take the time to know and listen to him—-I love Him so much and have learned many new things the last 3 years since I lost my job through an injury–and lost my home, and downsized to be with him (Yeshua) and pray for others and be his watchman—-it’s so wonderful—there is nothing like Yeshua and Yahweh our Great Father of all fathers—blessings to you—and thanks again for sharing!

    • You’re welcome sister, I praise the Lord and glory in our Heavenly Father, who is full of grace and truth. YHVH Yeshua truly does love his people, it’s almost difficult to explain, but I think King David in the Psalms does a great job of describing it. =) I love you sister. Thank you for rejoicing with me!

  2. Dear sister, thank you for sharing. Question on your video, Bride of Christ; she sings in Hebrew and the words are Yeshua,Adonai Tz’va’ot… So beautiful WOW! Every time I play that, it’s a snowy day, such as it is here now , and I’m telling you there’s a ray of sunshine popped through the clouds and it’s snowing ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBILE. It blows me away every time.WOW! Would it be possible to find more of this most beautiful voice? It seems so right when I play this before prayer or study. Thank you so much for every thing. God bless you and family.

  3. Whenever I read your blog, my heart is always softened. To know that Abba brought me forth in the end times generation among these precious human souls. Thank you sister Selina, I am humbled and blessed to be able to know more about our Savior from you, thank you very much. You’re such a special soul, sister. Will be praying for your continual protection.

    • God bless you sister. Yeshua loves his people sooooo much, I wish mere words could describe the depth of His tremendous love. I guess this is why He tells us to always have faith, because His Love is waiting for us, when we finally get to be with Him in Eternity forever. I can’t wait for that day! =)

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