Sept 10, 2012 – Dream: Warning FACEBOOK

In this dream I was part of a specially chosen group of people.  We had to go out on special missions and when we came back, we had to report for duty and be accounted for.  There was fear associated with this.  I noted in the dream that we weren’t allowed to look up.  We had to keep our heads down, I don’t recall too much of the scenery because my head was down and I saw mostly the dirt and ground.

I saw machine guns in the dream, me and another person walked around a wall to go to a main building of some sort.  We were being escorted by someone and I told the person with me, “Don’t look them in the eye.”   As we were walking with our heads down, I whispered to the person with me, “You did a really good job.”

We were definitely afraid of losing our lives.   We were fenced in, I remember seeing fencing.  There was an element of hating the people, the people with the guns.

After documenting the dream and going into prayer, the understanding I received from the Lord is that this dream is a warning about FACEBOOK.   Here is the interpretation of the dream:

I was part of a group of prisoners of war, consisting of both men and women, who were rounded up by cadets.  The place was a FEMA/Prison Camp.  The special missions are work details for men, but the work details for the women consist of sex slavery.  The way the Lord revealed that to me was by giving me a vision of a scene from an old movie Les Miserables, when the Uma Thurman character is laying on the mattress and she uncovers naked self as an offer to her landlord for monies owed.

Ok, so this is about a debt issue;  the people in my dream were removed from  the country and taken specific places, and for some reason China came to mind for me, that was the understanding that was given me.  The people who were captured, they were mostly teens and young adults.

The word I received from the Lord is:




During prayer I was given a specific person in my family I was to warn.  When I was shown who that person was that has been targeted, I cried out to the Lord, because I knew that he would not heed the warning.   I was so upset, I actually became physically ill, and the Lord ministered His Peace upon me and gave me a word of Hope:  I AM MORE THAN CAPABLE.

Prior to having this dream I closed my FACEBOOK account, I did it because I was given a specific warning from the Lord regarding it.  But then I had this dream.

I know others have been sounding the alarm about FACEBOOK and now, with this blog entry, I am joining them.

Think about it:  Your name, location, photos, habits, daily lifestyle, things you like and don’t like, etc., you are creating a dossier that can be used by any sort of predator out there.  Remember when we were little and our parents would tell us, “Don’t talk to strangers!”  Why do people think it’s ok to update their lives moment by moment, in great detail, on a public forum?   I wonder sometimes if this isn’t the reason why so many young girls and boys go missing, perhaps they made a comment like, “I’m going to be at the ice cream shop here (and they provide the name and even a photo of the place), and anyone who wants to join me can come too!”  And then, next thing you know, they’ve gone missing.  That may sound extreme, but when I had my FACEBOOK account open, I knew adults who were doing that!

If you don’t want to shut down your FACEBOOK, then at least go through all your old entries and delete all the really personal stuff, nobody needs to know all of your business, where you grew up, what school you are attending, where your actual location is, your favorite places to hang out at – delete all of that stuff please!  And while you’re at it, delete your photos too!


Scriptural Reference:

Num 10:9  And if ye go to war in your land against the enemy that oppresseth you, then ye shall blow an alarm with the trumpets; and ye shall be remembered before the LORD your God, and ye shall be saved from your enemies.

6 thoughts on “Sept 10, 2012 – Dream: Warning FACEBOOK

  1. Amazing. I was on fb once and the LORD showed me 666 , late may I’d say. I want to delete my account but its the number one place I can fight for the LORDs kingdom and speak up! Ive noticed that they’ve made it more of a hassle to privatize, you once could prevent others from seeng all of your images – now you must go through each one! Uhh, so frustrating.

    I had a dream a while ago in which I flew over a FEMA camp, hidden in the woods, possibly a jungle…I saw many beautiful girls I once was friends w/ acquainted w and I remember seeing them held up and imprisoned – I got the impression they were being used as sex slaves! They wanted to leave but couldn’t as they were surrounded by male guards at all sides. They were selling stuff too, hopeless.

    I have read and seen many prophesies about China, their infiltration and conquer of the US. Many have had dreams about foreign soldiers entering America, wherever and raping women (in addition to the mass murder and torture that they will do – the bible states that they will be ruthless). I feel as though the camps are ready to go, like they are gong to rounding up people shortly… So scary!

    • Yes, I know exactly what you mean, I have been shown similar things. I used to have videos about that, but I’ve long since take them down. I sounded the alarm and did my job. Now, I’m working mostly on warning via blog since more people look for info via the WWW than youtube. God bless you sister. Thanks for confirming what I’ve been given.

  2. This is difficult. I keep up with my daughters living out of the country through FB! Thanks for the warning! I’ll be praying about this.

  3. Yes—it’s true—I am on fb for relating and sharing ENDTIME news ect—but I have never placed my grandkids on there—-so many folks share their kids on that site–that is what is dangerous—-but now that you are talking about it— I am getting off this weekend when I get the time! Thanks

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