Nov 12, 2012 (Audio) Dream: Getting Back to Basics

Upon waking from this dream, which I received this afternoon, I recorded this explaination (see audio link):

5.5 mins

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I had a dream, I saw my feet.  They were like little moccasins that were on my feet, oh it was so sweet.  And I just was walking with these moccasins on my feet everywhere I went.

It must be symbolic of something.  The Lord gave me a word, I think He said, IMITATION.  I’m not sure how it’s related to the shoes though….the shoes of the world are imitation?  Maybe, the shoes that nature provides are the real thing…

Then He showed me a birdcage in a vision.  But the birdcage, there were holes in it, it was made of wood.  The holes were like swiss cheese.  I understood what I was seeing was a birdcage.  The Lord says the birdcage was made of wood.  Another natural, something natural.

I think this dream is actually about getting back to basics. The world is entrenched in technology.  We really can’t live without it, you know…the way our lives are set up right now, even I as basic as my life is, I rely 100% on technology, I love my electricity, I love knowing I have hot running water.  But I honestly believe that’s the message of this dream.

The reason why I say that is because I am being reminded of a vision I had a while ago, that I never did anything with, I never shared it with anyone.  Because it just seemed so isolated you know? It was like, in the midst of all this other stuff about Venus Transit and Bible prophesy and warnings and things about the enemy and the fallen angels, all of a sudden – boom  – this vision.  And it just seemed so out of place, so I thought well, I’ll just leave it here (and not share it).

I think now’s the time to share it.  What I saw was a big house, and I walked up to the front door and I opened it.  Inside I saw the living room area, where you would ordinarily see a couch, a television, rocking chair maybe, coffee table, some lamps….

Instead what I saw was a bedroom, made for several people, maybe 7 or so.  It was a large house so it was a large living area.  There were rows of bunk beds.  And sitting beside each bunkbed was a dresser.  It was basically set up like a big bedroom for several people to all live together and sleep there.  And that was the end of the vision.

And the Lord said we HAVE TO LEARN TO LIVE TOGETHER.   It was about survival.  It was about an alternative way of living because things are going to get bad.   That was what I felt in my spirit the Lord was saying.  Getting back to basics.  Getting back to nature.

LEARN THE THINGS YOUR FOREFATHERS KNEW, that’s what the Lord just spoke to my spirit.

I have enjoyed in the past watching things like, PBS Colonial House, Frontier House, and even The 1940’s House, was helpful, because that was a real life “going back into time” during wartime.  Learning how to live with rations and things like that.   I have really enjoyed those programs, and it’s helped me.

Also, the first season of The Colony.  I haven’t seen the other seasons I don’t think, maybe I’ve only seen part of the second season, I don’t know if they are still giving that show, but I can tell you the first season of The Colony was extremely helpful.  So I would definitely look into that as well.

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13 thoughts on “Nov 12, 2012 (Audio) Dream: Getting Back to Basics

  1. I’ve been trying to get back to back to basics.. this yr I started building raised bed for gardening. (rocket stoves If made right) make wood go along way. No electricity and water …not pretty.

    • You know, I just learned recently about the rocket stoves, what a very cool idea! From what I understand, like you said if made right they are extrememly efficient. My woodstove is nice, I love it in fact – but I have to burn for a couple of hours before most of my house heats up, and checking the fire every 15-30 mins is a drain on my patience, lol

      I bought a little timer to help me with checking it regularly, or else I will just let the fire die out and that is a huge waste of resources, given that my woodpile isn’t yet complete, and I’m worried we might have a long winter.

      Anyway, this is a subject I could rattle on about for a long time, I love this sort of thing I’m glad the Lord ministered to me about this today. =)

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  3. Wow—that’s funny—I dreamed 2 nights ago about a big farm house—and it was me and my husband. There also was another gentleman and we were sharing a thanksgiving meal. I opened a can of cranberry sauce and it was a large can (enough for about 12 people or more) And I was trying to figure it out—well what I got was (time to look around for a bigger place instead of my cabin maybe) time to find a place so we all can share in the time of trouble–barter and share and praise the Lord and study together—-ummm I am wondering and I have been looking–the times are going to get harder and we will need help of others—pray and seek Yahweh about how to have all our provisions in these times—I am in a rural area and live on some acreage–and I do worry about my families in the cities—you are right Selina—maybe it’s time to get back to basics–and remember we may have to share with others.

    • Wow that’s a wonderful dream sister. Yes, I believe whatever time we have been given, we should us it to prepare for the hard times to come. And also it’s true, let’s not forget to take care of friends and family and even network with neighbors because they will be the ones we turn to when we need help.

  4. Wow. Amazing. I’ve been getting that vibe – unfortunately I live in the city! But I totally feel the need to become more natural and self sufficient. That our resources are going to need to be shared. Lovely post!

    • I used to have a video up on my youtube channel about little things people who live in the city can do to help them in their survival. If I ever find the original video, I’ll do an audio and add photos so people can see what I’m referring to. If I were you, I would get some camping equipment, like a small hibachi or propane cooker, and definately stock up on 100 hour candles, lots of matches, several wool blankets and wool socks and sweaters, things like that. Also, find a closet or cabinet in your home you can use for food storage and just start putting away canned and dried goods and bottled water. When I began doing that I had a very limited budget, I started with $5 per grocery shopping trip; before I knew it, I had more food than I knew what to do with. Also, there are really good videos on youtube about that sort of thing as well.

  5. My sister in law and I were talking the other day of how we both wish for simpler times. We both are very connected to our Cherokee roots and fantasize about living in and off the land. I have had so many dreams where I am overlooking areas hit by natural disasters. I feel like I will survive the earth changes and be a pioneer in the new world to come. Reading this brought those feelings to the surface once more. Our planet is completely unstable right now, and when combined with Old Testament prophecies, as well as words of today’s prophets, I think our country will be devastated soon, by such Earth Changes…God’s gonna turn our planet on it’s side! Whether Jesus comes on the clouds immediately or there is a time period where we’re to go about teaching people of His Love and Judgement before He comes back, I don’t know…but I’ve felt like I was born for this future of adversity…

    do you feel like that, Selena?

    Much Love In Christ

    • Well, I have felt that I need to get prepared for hard times, yes. As far as the physical part is concerned, I can honestly say I’ve done pretty much everything I can possibly do with the resources I have. I’m sure there is more I could be doing, more I could be learning, but funds are needed, and so basically, I’m relying on the Lord to meet the need and provide for me.

      Right now, however, what I am being called to do is to bulk up spiritually, and draw closer to Yeshua. That is the spiritual preparedness I am embarking on today.

      Blessings to you always. =)

  6. There are so many passages in the bible that point to leaving everything behind and not looking back that I believe the only truly beneficial preparedness we, as Christians should concern ourselves with is Spiritually speaking. Sharping our swords (through reading our bibles, preparing for the battle ahead!

    He provided manna and protection for the Israelites, He will do no less for His children. We can not rely on our provisions, whether they be fat or lean, but we can rely on Him! ❤ Thank You, thank You, thank You, Yeshua Hamashiach, Your Love Endures Forever! Selah!!

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