Nov 13, 2012 (Audio) Word: king Obama

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The Lord is ministering some words to me about the Enemy; He said:


Scriptural Reference:
Complete Jewish Bible version

Psa 59:2 Rescue me from evildoers, save me from bloodthirsty men.
Psa 59:3 For there they are, lying in wait to kill me. Openly they gather themselves against me, and not because I committed a crime or sinned, Adonai.
Psa 59:4 For no fault of mine, they run and prepare. Awaken to help me, and see!
Psa 59:5 You, Adonai Elohei-Tzva’ot, God of Isra’el, arouse yourself to punish all the nations; spare none of those wicked traitors. (Selah)
Psa 59:6 They return at nightfall, snarling like dogs as they go around the city.
Psa 59:7 Look what pours out of their mouth, what swords are on their lips, [as they say to themselves,] “No one is listening, anyway.”

Psa 59:8 But you, Adonai, laugh at them, you mock all the nations.

5 thoughts on “Nov 13, 2012 (Audio) Word: king Obama

  1. so many speak of the pope as the ac . it gets upsetting when even people who i respect say things that are against what others say. God is not the author of confusion. it is impossible for God to say one thing to one person and then something else to someone else. i still don’t understand how the aliens fall into place. i looked up a scripture once which said he will honor a strange god and the word for strange was several things including alien which is what was in my heart before i looked the word up. i went to sleep got up looked up the word and it was alien. i went back to sleep. so i guess he is going to go along with this alien agenda as well as the whole ascended masters blah blah blah. at some point he claims himself to be god which no one will accept but he will force his hand and all will fear.

    • Roni is important to remember who are this so called “aliens”, and also how some people feel about them. 1. they are mentioned in the bible, they are the fallen angels, and it even mentions the proliferation of hybrids when they started to mix themselves with us, the creation of God, because they found woman beautiful, etc etc. 2. Incredible enough, there is a lot, A LOT of ignorance, or should i say rejection from the truth about the true nature of these demons by certain groups, to the extent that they speak of them as their creators, they are expecting them to come soon (12-21-12 to be more specific) in the infamous “red” planet nibiru and govern them/save them, but who knows, maybe this is part of the great deception.

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