Nov 13, 2012 (Audio) Dream: The Foolish Virgin

I had a strange dream about a woman in a shower.  She seemed to think she had a better way of doing things.  Upon waking from this dream, I recorded these words (see audio link below):

5 mins

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Ok, I had a dream about…I saw a woman preparing herself to receive her betrothed.  She had a choice; there were two choices.  One was a man, whom I associate with bad things.  And the other man was the Lord.  She preferred to give herself to the other man first, and she was preparing herself to do that.  She stepped into a shower to take a shower, and I heard her in the shower say, that she had been waiting to give  herself to this man, and if she couldn’t give herself to him, if he wouldn’t receive her, then she would give herself to the Lord.   And she cleansed herself with a strange plastic something, it wasn’t anything that was meant to be used as washing.  It was plastic and it had a ball on the inside of it, a ball that, I can’t even describe it. I guess it’s like a childrens toy because I have seen children playing with something similar.  It was surrounded by this plastic mesh and that’s what she was using (to wash herself with).

I found it interesting in the dream that she felt she had a choice.  I see this woman as the foolish virgin, or the foolish bride or something. There are no choices, it’s the Lord or Nothing, if you’re a true virgin, chaste unto the Lord.

In this dream she felt she had a choice.  Oh ok…the Lord just spoke a word to me, He said the man in the dream that she wanted to give herself to represented ARROGANCE.

So she preferred to give herself to the arrogant man first, the one that – I guess – she ESTEEMS with strength.  Oh..just like young girls, they think that the arrogant boys are the ones that they should chase after.  So she preferred and she was preparing to give herself to this other man.

Oh, the Lord said SHE DOES HAVE A CHOICE AND SHE’S CHOOSING FOOLISHLY.  She’s not using wisdom, that’s what the strange washing instrument is representative of.  She’s using this bizarre toy type thing to wash herself with, she’s not put away the things of the world, the toys of the world, the childish things.

Scripture comes to mind:

Mat_6:33  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

People don’t understand that they need to seek the Lord with their whole heart and whole heart doesn’t mean halfheartedly or at the end of the day when you find yourself with five minutes.  It means, day and night, day and night, without ceasing, diligence.  Pray without ceasing, let the Lord know that you want to be close to Him.  And put away everything that separates us from him.  That’s so important.  He wants to be first in our lives.

A great King who has provided us with a beautiful Pascal Sacrifice should receive no less than our absolute best.