Nov 18, 2012 (Audio) Dream: Ya Mo B There, Important

Happy Thanksgiving and I am so happy to be able to share this very important message with my brothers and sisters today.  This will probably be my longest audio, generally I prefer keeping them short, but I think in this case, the message is so important that I really wanted to just open my heart.

Scripture Reference: 1Ki 19:10-22 The Still Small Voice…

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I had an interesting dream.  I was laying down on a platform or a stage, laying in formation.  We each had a microphone and we were all singers.  We were laying there, I was the only woman in the singing group, every one else was men.

We were singing that old song Ya Mo B There.   Yah will be there.  As we sung the song, we had bread – very big piece of Bread would hover over us, it went around us and it made a star.  It hovered over us and every time we sang Ya Mo B There, it would move to the next person, and the next person, and so on….

One of the men got frustrated.  He didn’t like the fact that we would sing “Ya Mo B There” so often.  In the original song its repeated quite a bit.  He didn’t want to be patient with the process of completing the song.  He thought we should shorten it so we could end the song and get on with our lives, I guess.

I said, “No. There’s a blessing when we sing the whole song, and when we are patient with the process.  In the original song, they sang it over and over again.”

He said, “How would you know, maybe you’re lying.”  I said, “No, why would I do that, it’s easy to check, why would I lie about such a thing?”    ….and then the dream ended.

I received immediate understanding of this dream.  It’s actually a topic the Lord has been ministering to me about in other dreams, and I have wanted to share those dreams, but I just haven’t had the time and the urgency for the other dreams I have shared have seemed more pressing.  But this is an important topic.  Being patient with the process of allowing God to minister to us. To cleanse us.  To bless us.  It doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen in a few minutes.  And the people who have become very very used to the quick lifestyle that we live, the lightswitch, if you want light you just flip a switch and – boom – you have light.  Everything is available to us at the push of a button and so because we don’t understand the process of being close to the Lord we think it should be the same way.

God is Almighty, He can just touch us and we can be cleansed and we can be made whole.  Yes, that’s true…we can, but as you can see, that doesn’t really happen, does it?  There are people who are sick who aren’t being touched, who are true, God fearing people and they have to go through the process of being healed or sometimes, they pass on to go be with the Father.  So, what does it all mean?

God will touch those people whom He wishes to bless that way and it’s His decision, it’s not ours, we don’t call the shots, He does.  He does it according to His will.

The process of drawing close to the Lord.  It really is a step by step process, we have to be willing to understand that there are many, many things that can separate us from hearing God, from knowing God, from trusting Him.  Most of the issues for us start when we are children.  The little abuses, the betrayals.

The Lord revealed to me years ago, that the Enemy infiltrates childrens lives with the lies their parents tell.  Because a child grows up, automatically, naturally trusting their parent, so when the parent teaches them to believe in things like Santa Claus, in things like the Toothfairy, and then they get to that age where they hear their friends or a family member will say, “There’s no such thing as any of that.”  BOOM

Right then when the child understands that it was never really in the first place, they immediately, immediately understand and know that they’ve been lied to and they’ve been betrayed and tricked.  Right then and there, that sets the stage for resentment or anger or distrust and rebellion.  That’s what the Lord showed me.  so we are talking there are millions of children, generation after generation of children who have grown up with this type of betrayal.  They instantaneously understand that they’ve been lied to by the very people they trust 100% that they believed would never lie to them.

And also they were taught not to lie during that whole process, they were being told not to lie, not to keep secrets, things like that, then everything, they find out their whole world was based on a lie, that’s when the enemy comes in, that’s when it all starts for many many children, that’s how it starts.

From that point on you have a child – who could be you, or me, or anybody – who grows up with this seed of resentment and distrust, and from that point on, nothing is the same.  That is when rebellion sets in for a child, because then they begin to question everything they are told.

This is why many children fall away from the faith and can’t trust Jesus.  If you are one of these children, then you have to understand that the Lord wants to heal you from all of that, but if you are 30-70 years old, you have to understand that you have decades of distrust that have been buried, and it’s all rooted in betrayals like that, and your whole life, even your whole foundation, your whole way of seeing and thinking about things and understanding people – it’s all built on decades old betrayals.  You have to be patient with the process.

The Lord wants to take you back to that place, to those places, it doesn’t necessarily have to be about the Toothfairy, it could be anything that caused you to believe a lie or to believe that you were somehow not secure.

I’ve heard stories from the people that I know, different things, when I share with them what the Lord has given me regarding this, and they are people who are older than me, and they’ve admitted, they’ve allowed the Lord to reveal to them the root of their resentment, bitterness, distrust, whatever it is, whatever issue it is that is pervasive in their life today, and without fail they can trace it to some issue they had when they were 4-7 years old…

So, you know – it’s all a process.  We have to learn to get to the point where we can actually trust Yeshua with the issue. And the only way we can do that is by allowing Him to walk us through the process, because it doesn’t happen overnight.

The Issue becomes even more compounded when you have abuse and you have been abused in your life, when you have childhood abuse issues you’re hiding, that you have never been willing to even admit to yourself have happened.  I know someone who is elderly, and to this day she won’t admit that she was abused.  She can’t, because it’s too painful.

So you know, these are the things we have to bring to the Cross, all these things.  We have to bring them to the Lord and say, minister to me about these things, why did this happen, show me, what was the purpose in all of this in my life?…

Because what the Lord has shown me, and I am an abuse survivor, what the Lord has shown me, is He can make all things new, and He can show us why He allowed it to happen.  And for myself, what I’ve been shown, is that there was deep spiritual significance to all of it that was relevant to what is going on in my life today.

This is one of the reasons why I am so close to the Lord, and I am able to hear God’s voice so well; it’s because I was willing to be patient with the process of allowing Him to uproot all of that garbage so He can cleanse me and wash me and make me whole.  So He can renew my mind with His Word, Love and Covering.

A brief analogy would be a festering wound.  What happens?   If you want that wound to heal, you have to actually go through the process of digging it out, cleaning it out, wiping it down, and it’s painful, it hurts, it burns, it stings.  But in the end you have this clean wound that can finally begin to heal and then the body goes through the process of renewing skin to that area.  And the skin ends up actually being tougher than the original skin.  Which I think is a neat analogy.  We end up becoming tougher, because Yeshua makes us strong.

Anyway, you know – this man  (the man in the dream) was not willing to complete the cycle or complete the process.  When we aren’t willing to go through the process, the Lord can’t heal us, He can’t  touch us and ultimately He can’t bring us to that place where we can, where we are clean enough without all of life’s baggage holding us back, to walk with Him really, really close – to draw close to Him.  He  is limited because we are limiting Him; It’s not because He’s unwilling – it’s because we aren’t allowing Him, we are holding back, we say, “No, I don’t want this, I’m not ready for that, I can’t deal with this…” – there’s a lot of denial there.  We have to be willing to acknowledge, you know….

It’s taken me many years to get over, and I’m still, the Lord is still working with me on different things – exposing things, helping me to learn, to grow, to heal, reminding me of past hurts, where I can say, Lord, I want to bring this to you, why did this happen, how can I grow from this, how can I heal?  And He walks me through the process.  I’m actually being shown, and the Lord is revealing things to me about all the people who were involved, who made that particular event or issue happen in my life; He’s revealing things to me about their culpability.  And in doing so, the guilt (and shame) that I feel about things that have happened in my life, all of a sudden I realize where the guilt really lays.  And many, many times it had nothing to do with me.

So, I really believe that is why the Lord gave me this dream and He’s given me others that are similar, He’s actually been giving me words about that, saying:


So, I’m just sharing this with you.  God bless you.

(Also) Remember that the voice of the Lord it’s a still small voice.  So when you lay on your bed and you meditate on him, you think about His precepts and His word, you ponder them. Ask the Lord to speak to you, to help you identify the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, to help you know the difference between the voice in your head and the voice of God speaking to you.  The voice of the flesh and the enemy, and the voice of the Living God.  This is how you learn to hear Him, this is how you learn to trust Him.  It won’t happen in a busy hectic, tv on, music blaring kind of setting, it has to be done in the quietness of your prayer, in the quietness and the stillness of thinking about the Lord, ministering to Him with your heart.  That’s how you hear His voice, that’s how you draw close.

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9 thoughts on “Nov 18, 2012 (Audio) Dream: Ya Mo B There, Important

  1. The Lord has been trying to deal with me on my own childhood abuse. There are certain things I can remember and I thought that was all there was to it. But between the vague stories I’ve been told and the certain spiritual attacks I’ve experienced after giving up the number one sin I never could give up… I just wonder. It would explain so much. But I confess that I have this tendency to push everything under the rug, and that’s what I’ve been doing. And I think the reason I’ve been so volunerable to these attacks.

    • It could be…I’m just speaking for myself when I say I must honestly entreat the Father and be willing to hear Him when He touches on painful subjects. Lately I’ve been hearing myself say: “I’m glad the Lord has brought this memory back to me, I really want to hear what His take is on all of it.”

      He guides me through the process of step-by-step going through the issue, looking at it from several different angles to help me get a complete picture. He has even given me dreams about things that have happened, revealing to me events I wasn’t previously aware of; and then I am able to see what really took place, see who bears the true guilt and shame, and in doing that – I am able to let go, forgive, and move past it with joy and Reverence. I find that it brings me closer to Abba’s heart. He loves us soooooo much, He aches and is in pain when we are in pain too.

      Love you, God bless.

  2. I had a very hard time “lying” to my children with the fairy tales for the very reasons you mentioned. I decided to raise them with the truth. If they loose a tooth, they bring it to me and I buy it for a quarter…no tooth fairy. On Christmas morning, they receive gifts they know are from their Mama and Daddy, and knowing that we give in honor of the greatest gift that we all were given, Jesus Christ.

    When I was little and found out my parents had been lying to me, I truly was hurt and betrayed, but luckily, Jesus made it known that He was real and not among the lies they traditionally filled my head with.

    This post explains why I am completely honest with my children. They have not been ruined by the lack of fantasy due to my decision, either. But I do believe their foundation is strong because of my “going against the cultural flow.”

    Peace be yours.

  3. I agree with this post. One thing however is to be careful how something is phrased to prevent confusion. It isn’t that God “can’t” do something, God can do anything He pleases. However, He doesn’t do some things (such as heal someone who refuses to be patient and persistent in the healing process) because it wouldn’t serve the purpose of truly drawing them closer to Him. So they don’t have hurt feelings anymore, great, but they wouldn’t be drawn to Him. The point of everything that happens in our lives is to draw us to greater intimacy with Him. That is why He does things the way He does them (and why He doesn’t do things sometimes). It is always for our benefit (and His glory!). God created the universe out of nothing, He can do anything He wants. If He doesn’t do something there is a good reason why (we don’t always know or need to know that reason), but it is definitely not because He lacks the power or ability to do it. Like I said, I agree with your post and I know what you mean. I just know that there are some people who could misinterpret what you are trying to say. Keep fighting the good fight of faith, be encouraged in the Lord!!! God bless!!! 😀

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