Nov 21, 2012 (Audio) Dream: Urgency, Spiritual Preparation

I have attached 3 dreams in one audio, all having to do with Spiritual Preparation.  I have been seeking the Lord, wondering what to post next;  I believe this is what Abba wants me to share.  Upon waking, these are the words I recorded:

5 mins

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Nov 21, 2012 T2

In this dream, it was all about getting battle ready.  It was about bulking up on scripture.  There was a real urgency to the dream.


Nov 27, 2012 T3, T4

In this dream, I was being spiritually prepared, I was told to study the Book of Acts.  And I stepped on the number 7.  This is the second dream I’ve had where I was told to study the Book of Acts or given a word about the Book of Acts, so this book is very important.

We all need to be studying it.  There’s alot of interesting stories in it regarding miracles, demonic possession and things like that, and setting captives free – all done by the power of Jesus and walking with the Spirit.

The Lord says this book is very important.

The number 7 represents Spiritual Completion.  I asked the Lord, Why did I step on the number 7?


Nov 28, 2012  T1, T2

In this dream, I was being shown the process of spiritual preparation.  I remember being taken to a river, an ordinary river.  In the dream, Yeshua was teaching me about the water of life, just using the analogy of the river, The River of Life.  He was there with me.   We were talking.  He showed me stones in the water, like stepping stones.

They represented the step-by-step process of learning how to be strong in Yeshua.  In the dream we were holding hands.  He said, NEVER LET GO, He said that very clearly.  He was very adamant, Never Let Go.  I said, I won’t…I know you’ll help me.

He said, ALWAYS PRAY TO THE FATHER.  One of the last things I saw in the dream, was the Praying Hands, that famous picture of the praying hands.  That’s what I saw.

Thank you Father, for giving me your Son Yeshua.  Thank you for the dreams.  Thank you for teaching me your Word, through your Spirit.  Amen.

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11 thoughts on “Nov 21, 2012 (Audio) Dream: Urgency, Spiritual Preparation

  1. The praying hands really touched me. SO simple, yet most powerful. Oh wow this is beautiful and so fitting to what the Lord showed me a few nights ago. The urgency of being prepared for battle and the foot reference. I don’t know why but this last year I have been getting many angel visitations where they massage my feet and sometimes head, in what feels like warm oil. It takes away my breath every time and fills me with holy spirit to the point that I am trembling. So 2 nights ago this was happening and was immeadiatly in a vision. I saw a blonde military general who had one good eye and his right eye was bloody and blind. He was in the back of a taxi and was being driven somewhere, very urgent feeling. I saw a golden clock on his helmet that a clock arm pointing to “98”. He was spit shining his shoes, when he spit, it was blood , I immeadiately felt it on my foot and it was very warm and I was immeadiately filled with the holy spirit. The whole vision was a cartoon as well. I prayed on interpretation and was lead to John “9:1-8”, which is the story of Jesus healing the blind man by mixing his spit with the dirt and making a salve. I was also lead to Psalms 98, particularly verse 9.

    “let them sing before the Lord,
    for he comes to judge the earth.
    He will judge the world in righteousness
    and the peoples with equity.”

    The general with the blind right eye represents the antichrist, the beast which the whore of Babylon sits. And he is spit shining his boots, preparing to ruin that great city, Babylon. The whore sits on seven hills. Vatican city, that great city Woe!

    ““Woe to the worthless shepherd,
    who deserts the flock!
    May the sword strike his arm and his right eye!
    May his arm be completely withered,
    his right eye totally blinded!” – Zechariah 11:17

    “The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. 17 For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled. 18 The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.” -Rev 17:16-18

    The Lord has reminded me of recent visions of strange dinosaur looking beasts coming out of the sea, running out of the sea to their own demise. And scorpions.

    “And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth.”, “And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes. 6 During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.” – Rev 9: 3,5,6

    Thank you Yahweh for your son Yeshua and for your Holy spirit that has been poured out on all your sons and daughters for this coming hour of darkness, that we might shine like the expanse.

  2. I find it compelling when people take the verse of seven hills and assume it refers to the catholic church and Rome , Rome does not deny that Jesus is the Christ but Islam does . Jesus returns and all the cou tries He destroys are islamic . The throne of Satan is in Pergumum Turkey , the beast system is Islam and the caliphate which oversees sharia law . The ottoman empire had its caliphate seated in the city of Istanbul Turkey , this is also called a city of seven hills . Rome may be part of the beast system pushing a one world religion but I believe Islam and sharia law is the real evil we have to look towards .

    If you check out Islamic eschatology their end times senerio is the antithesis of our bible , their Mahadi comes on a white horse , their Jesus is a prophet and leads them to Jerusalem to destroy the Jews and Christians and force Islam and sharia law on the world or be beheaded .

    What I do find interesting with a post above is that Islam says the devil is a one eyed general , it is compelling a Christian sees this symbolism of Islam in their dream . Peace .

    • Don’t you think that Rome, ie the Catholic Church denies Jesus is the Christ when they proclaim the Pope is God on earth? Just wondering because to me, that is the definition of denying Jesus is the Christ.

  3. The pope himself is considered the vicar of Christ which is a fancy way of saying he is Christ incarnate , the masses of Catholics know very little if any on catholic dogma , other than what they are taught to be confirmed which is not much . I believe the pope and amd many of the hire ups in the church are lucifariens .

    I absolutely believe that the catholic church has it members pray to saints and Mary , confess their sins to priests they call father in a spiritual manner , this is done so the prayers of these sheepeople are not heard by Jesus .

    All that being said I do believe they keep the congregation ignorant so they will accept the instead of Christ or Antichrist . The church still teaches Jesus is the Christ and died for their sins and just recently the church adopted the policy their are many paths to heaven but have not told the assembly these thoughts . They do push the ecumenical movement to the people .

    The average catholic loves Christ and believes he is the light and way to Gd the father ,bit like God tells us …… children die ( spiritually ) from lack of knowledge . Many will be tried in the fire of Christs great tribulation and will be washed clean in the blood of his robes .

    I stick by my original thoughts on the beast system and Islam , although the catholic church and Rome will see their demise as well .

    • I agree with you. I also have been shown that Islam is the beast system. They are the green (pale) horse. Only Islam backs it’s word with beheadings too. But what I have been shown is that Freemasonry/Catholic Church/and other Secret Rites Orders are all “Mystery Babylon” – they are all the same – they are ALL evil Luciferians, ie Satan worshippers. And they do vile things they keep hidden from the masses of ignorants.

  4. Babylon and the beast sit on many waters….MANY. True evil is not the ignorant against Christ. True evil is devil in angels clothing. Being ignorant does not mean you are lying. For Saul was not evil for rebelling against Christ, he was misinformed. His zeal was right, just on the wrong side. For HE deceives the world. Pope John paul the II traveled and visited more countries than all the other pope combined. I have seen many world leaders kneel and kiss his hand. Many monks from the Vatican as far as Martin Luther and beyond have recorded saying they believe the Pope and the Vatican to be the infamous Whore.

  5. Satan has covered all the bases , thru all the religions , the new age lie , the Galatic federation of light , good alien bad alien we come to protect you scenario and the list goes on . Jesus only approved of two churches in the end times ,Smyrna and Philadelphia . These two because they both taught of the synagog of Satan those who say they are of our brother Judah but are the offspring of Satan , the tares , the Kenites the sons of Cain who is the son of Satan .

    They rule the world thru the four horns of power spoken of by Ezekiel which are Politics , financial which includes all commerce , educational and finally religion .

  6. Babylon the Great , the Whore who is drunk on the blood of the saints and adorned in gold and scarlet with precious stones sits on the seven hills (which are in fact kings as well) is a city. A great city that rides on the beast for a time. The whore is not the beast, but rides on it for a time until it is time for the beast to turn on her and devour that great city. I too believe Islam to be part of the beast system. The Antichrist – The beast from the sea, lawless one, man of sin, eighth king, covenant with israel, small horn, beast, little horn, many names.

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