Nov 22, 2012 (Audio) Dream: Woe to the British Monarchy

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On this day I woke from a troubling dream.  Upon waking, these are the words I recorded:

6.5 mins

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I had a dream about my mom’s dog (Rosie, Teacup Terrier). She was sniffing around and then something happened and then she started crying like a real baby.

I was like, what’s going with this dog, why is she crying?  They said, Because she got injured.

I said, Oh…

But this dog was crying exactly like a baby.  They said she was having tummy troubles, like her tummy was hurting.

(short time lapse to pray)

These are the words the Lord is giving me:




It is approx 24 hours after recording the only track for 11.22.12.  The dream about the dog that was crying like a baby.  Which was really an agonizing scream.

The dog’s name is Rosie.  To me that points to the Rose Cross people.  Rosicrucians.  Luciferians.  Some sort of special “order.”

The dog’s breed is:  Terrier  – To me that speaks to terrorizing.

The size of the dog is: Teacup – Brittan, England.

The dream is about infanticide, specifically infant torture.

My mother’s role is symbolic; it points to the Queen Mother (and/or) the Queen herself.

So these people have definitely gone over the deep end.  They are absolute evil.  I pray that the Lord exact every ounce of vengeance and then some, that He wants to.  That is my honest desire and recommendation if I have any say.  Let them have it Lord.  AMEN.

teacup terrier rosie

Scriptural Reference:

Read from the Complete Jewish Bible.

Ezekiel Ch 22, specifically: Eze 22:36-49


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